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On Elements And Compounds

What are chemical and physical properties? What's the difference between physical and chemical changes?

Answer, a physical property is shape, color, weight, ect. A chemical change is when you take bleach and colored water and mix them and the water turns clear.

Number 2

What evidence can you use to identify the formation of a new substance from a chimacal change?

There could be states of matter like solid to liquid. There also could be bubbles or color or even temprature change.

How are properties of substance used to determine if a possible chemical change occurred?

If you mix 2 or more chemicals together wait and see if the color, temp., or state of matter happens.

What would happen when gasoline is put into a gas engine?

When you put gasoline in the tank it is changed into carbon dioxide{CO2} and water{H2O}.

What must happens when an air bag does it's job and protects you from impact?

Not a chemical change. There is a carefully controlled explosion that shoots out an airbag from the dashboard.

If you were to burn a scented candle would it be a safe conclusion tat the scent is from a chemical change?

Yes, here is why, odor in this case is scent is produced as a chemical change and odor falls in that catogory.

How could you make an experiment using 3 different powder and water to see if they would react with each other or make a substance?

Take 6 cups of water and your 3 powders of choice and 6 choices of measurments and examine closely.