Teenage Suicide Prevention

Preventing your teenager from suicide

Suicide is Preventable!!!

Suicide is the third leading cause of death among youth. Suicide risk factors include: Mental Illnesses such as depression, Family stress, Environmental risks such as having a gun in the home, and a situation crisis such as a death in the family or physical abuse. Suicide Warning signs include: Suicide notes and plans, suicidal threats as a direct or indirect statements, making final arrangements such as making a will, preoccupation with death, and changes in behavior. Warning signs should never be taken lightly, you should always tell a professional such as a trusting adult, a school nurse, or the guidance counselor.

Tips for Parents and Educators

What to do

  • Remain calm
  • Ask the teenager if he or she is going to commit suicide
  • You should just listen to them
  • Don't judge them (it is taking courage for them to talk to you)
  • Get Help
  • Give them a suicide hotline to call
  • Do not be accusatory