Wasteful Water

What's happening to water? By: Shayan K. and Akhilan G.


Water, the main source of every life on Earth, the mother for every life. It waters crops, soothies our thirst, and forms our land. It is found in many different laces in different forms, including seas, oceans, and icebergs. However, this precious resource is quickly escaping our world. For example, the average U.S citizen uses anywhere from 80-100 gallons of water a day. Say if every U.S citizen used 80 gallons of water today. After the 24 hours, the whole country would of used 25,512,000,000 gallons water. To put that in perspective, lake Tahoe holds 39 trillion gallons of water, which seems like a lot, right? The answer is no, not at all. If all people living in the U.S use 25,512,000,000 gallons of water a day, it would would only take 15.3 days to fully fill lake Tahoe. Pretty scary right, just one country uses that much water? Just imagine how much water the whole world takes daily. And yes, we do have tons of water in the ocean, but it doesn’t matter. Just look at California! We are right next to the pacific ocean, but scientists predict that in 3-5 years, California will run out of water. Think about that when you take a sip of water.

Getting Too Used To Infinite Water (Water Usage)

Across America, the average person uses 80-100 gallons of water a day. Most of it is used in two main things: flushing a toilet and taking a shower. An average person spend 2.1 gallons a minute while taking a shower. Also, if you leave a faucet on while brushing your teeth, you use around 2 gallons of water. All of California uses about 38 billion gallons of water per day. No wonder California is in a drought!
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(Where Is The Water?) Water Distribution

Across the world, out water sources are severely dominated by saltwater sources. 97% of the water on Earth is unusable, or it's saltwater. That means only 3% of our water is fresh, and you're all wasting it! 70% of the water that is usable is frozen, and 29% of our usable and fresh water is groundwater. Less than 1% of our freshwater is in lakes and rivers. That's why lots of people across the world don't have freshwater to drink.
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Lose A Little Money; Save A Lot Of The World (Water Conservation)

Sounds pretty gloomy, hearing that water is quickly be depleted and that we might never get it back. Does it kinda feel like you can’t do anything about it? If you think so, you are wrong. There are millions of ways to conserve water, all starting with your home. One example of a product that can cut water usage is eco-friendly shower heads. Most showers take 17.2 gallons, however eco-friendly shower heads can cut that usage to 8 gallons. That’s 9 gallons saved for only 12 dollars! Another easy way to save water is by only using the dishwasher and washer for full loads, allowing for the maximum amount of cleaning for the least amount of the water. To add on, we can purchase low flowing toilets, or just put a brick in your toilet. Also, you can turn off faucets and shower heads when they are not of use. The last tip that can greatly help the water usage is changing your most of your plants in your garden to rock landscape.