Mrs. Bitz and Miss. Meisner's News

May 6, 2016

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In reading this week we reviewed and practiced our strategies for reading tests in our connections to assessments unit. This is because next week Monday and Tuesday we will have our reading DPM test. After the testing is over we will continue with our poetry reading unit and end the year with a readers theater/ drama unit.

Today your son/ daughter is coming home with a passage titled Komodo Dragons. They worked on this a little bit in class today and I encouraged them to finish it at home as additional practice. I told them I would put the answer key in my newsletter for y'all to check so here it is:

(I dont know what the questions start with 14 and are letters IJKL but we just went with it)

14. J

15. I

16. L

17. K

18. F (Another random lettering)

19. I

Language Arts

We spent this week learning about how writing poetry can help us see things in a new way. We practiced by writing a poem about our pencil sharpener, and also our mommies. Poetry is very hard for second graders but we will continue with it for a couple more weeks!


This week in math we worked on division. Next week in math we will do mixed multiplication and division problems. Students will have to decide whether to divide or multiply when reading work problems. Please continue to work on addition and subtraction with regrouping. Also, please review analog time. Our math DPM test is May 16th and May 17th.


In science this week we continued discussing the Sun. Next week we will talk about day and night. We will be looking at how the Earth rotates. Please encourage your son/ daughter to continue to complete their science homework. It is a GREAT review for the upcoming science DPM on May 24th.


Due May 13th

Spelling Week 5

DMH #29

Science HW pg 45-47

Reading DPM testing 5.9 AND 5.10

Math DPM Testing 5.16. AND 5.17

Science DPM test 5.24


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