BY: Ava Stipe p.4

What are Atoms?

Atoms are the basic unit of a chemical element, Also they can be classified as a source of nuclear energy.

What are Atoms made of ?

Atoms are made up of 3 things, protons, neutrons, & electrons. Now we need each part to find the other part of to find anything!!!! Ex. If we needed to find the atomic weight of an atom we'd need to add the protons and electrons together.

What is a Proton?

A proton is a particle with a positive electric charge and its mass slightly less than a neutron. (P+) You can find the proton in the nucleus. Together the proton and the neutron make up the Nucleus.

What is a Neutron?

A neutron is a particle, no electric charge and a mass slightly larger than a proton.

( 0 ) The neutron can be found in the nucleus. The proton and neutron make up the nucleus.

What are Electrons?

The electron is a particle, with a negative electric charge. You can find the electrons in the electron rings, clouds , And energy levels.

( E- )

Questions and Answers

Q. Why is an Atom called an Atom?

A. According to Google Leucippus and Democritus theorized that splitting stops when it reaches indivisible particles and does not go on infinitely. This was their theory, and the name "atom" originates from this.

Q.How can you label a type atom when they all have the same parts?

A.Google and my notes say that according to how many Electrons, Neutrons, and Protons are in an atom classify them into different groups