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News for our Families - October 2022

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A Message from Mrs. Duquette

Reading strategies to help your child strengthen their reading skills:

  • Encourage your child to read on her own at home

    Reading at home can help your child do better in school.

  • Encourage activities that require reading

    Cooking (reading a recipe), constructing a kite (reading directions), or identifying a bird's nest or a shell at the beach (reading a reference book) are some examples.

  • Establish a reading time, even if it's only 10 minutes each day

    Make sure there is a good reading light in your child's room and stock her bookshelves with books and magazines that are easy to both read and reach.

  • Talk with your child

    Talking makes children think about their experiences more and helps them expand their vocabularies. Ask your child to give detailed descriptions of events and to tell complete stories.

A Note from Mr. Aguiar

Please take time to review our Arrival/Dismissal/Breakfast protocol.


Students arriving after 8:35 am will be considered Tardy to School and they will need to get a pass from the office.

Please remember that late students will interrupt instruction as they enter the classroom and likely will have missed important directions or introduction of a concept or skill. Constant tardiness will have an adverse effect on your child’s education. Excessive tardiness may result in consequences including, but not limited to, parent meetings and detention.

Students who arrive to school after 11:30 a.m. or dismissed before 11:30 a.m. will be marked as absent. Please note: Students must attend school for at least half of the school day in order to participate in any school-sponsored after-school activities.


Students who ride the bus will be dropped off at the school at 8:15 a.m. After buses depart, parents should drop off children in the same lane that the buses use, staying close to the curb on the right. Cars will be allowed in the drop off lane no earlier than 8:20 a.m., as there will not be any supervision for students until that time. For the safety of the students, parents should not use the employee parking area as a drop off point unless directed to do so by a Staff member on duty.

Students who need to be dropped off earlier than 8:20 a.m. may participate in the Out of School Time program which provides care from 7:00 a.m. until the start of school.

When dropping off your child, please stay in a single-file lane and follow the directions of the drop-off monitors. To protect the safety of the students and staff, refrain from passing other vehicles. Dismissal Procedures Parent Pick-up Procedure: Students who do not ride the bus are dismissed directly to their vehicles in the parent pick-up lane starting at 2:45 p.m. Parents who regularly pick up students will receive a numbered tag to display from a rear view mirror or on a dash and will form a line on the right side of the school driveway. Do not block any intersections. For the safety of staff and students, do not attempt to pass other vehicles and follow the instructions of staff directing traffic.


Parents will not be allowed to pick-up students for dismissal in the building after 2:30 p.m.. All students must be dismissed to an authorized adult. In case of an emergency and you will not make it in time to pick-up your child at the assigned doors by 3:00 p.m., you will need to pick-up your child in the main office. If you need to pick-up your child for doctor appointments or early dismissal, it must be before 2:30 p.m.

Dismissal time is a very busy time of day for our students and staff. Please be cooperative with staff and work together to ensure each child’s safety. Bus Dismissal Procedure: Students who ride the bus are dismissed directly from their classroom. Buses are announced via the intercom, starting at 2:50 p.m. Students exit from the front of the building to their respective buses. Buses leave WES at 3 p.m. and then go to the Macomber School to pick up Kindergarten students.

Please Note: Any changes to your child’s dismissal plan must be made by 1:00 in writing. Email changes to wesoffice@westportschools.org.


Students can have free breakfast upon arrival each morning.

Breakfast ends at 8:45 and all students should be in their classroom no later than 8:45.

September Character Counts Awards ~ RESPECT

Congratulations to our Character Counts recipients for the month of September!

Be on the lookout for our Crop of the Week!

Next week, our Health and Wellness teacher, Ms. Pacheco is challenging students and staff to try a pear. Please send your photos to tpacheco1@westportschools.org.

Westport Elementary K-12 Food Rescue Massachusetts


Student leaders Eleanor Melo and Abigail Carr share their time and effort to keep this program a reality. Their responsibilities include keeping the sharing fridge organized and items logged. They also set aside any food that is about to be spoiled for the local family farm. We are grateful for the partnership with K-12 Food Rescue and look forward to doing our part to reduce food waste.

​Staggering data in America shows that 40% of food is wasted, while 1 in 6 families are food insecure. With this said, it's our duty as educators to do our part to actively teach students about this food waste crisis. Here at the Westport Elementary School in Westport, Massachusetts we have been doing our very best to keep food from being tossed away. With a school community of 400+ students we see our fair share of waste.The insight we have gained from the K-12 Food Rescue Program, coupled with our newest Farm to School initiative, students and staff alike are working hard to teach #FoodIsNotTrash.

Students here at the WES are lucky to have a “sharing fridge” that was made possible by our amazing food service workers, led by director Michelle Rapoza. Students are able to donate unwanted, unpeeled, and unwrapped food items that otherwise may have been thrown away. Students may also take from the saved items if they are still hungry at lunch/snack. All food saved is logged at the conclusion of the week and any food that may be spoiled over the weekend is donated to a local family farm for animals to consume. Utilizing this initiative we are thrilled at the opportunity to teach this generation of students that food waste is a huge issue. Our goal is to help them create a new mindset of waste reduction.

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Media Center News

Hello Wildcat Families,

The WES library is open for book checkout. Your students visit the library during their weekly Technology class. They have all been taught the proper way to take care of library books and how to check them out. They are encouraged to have a book for pleasure and silent reading times in school. The books can be brought home but must be returned to school before another can be taken out. Please help remind your students when they have Technology class. There will be times that we are "weeding" our collection and will have "free to keep" books available. These books will all be stamped WITHDRAWN on the inside cover and do not need to be returned to the library. Please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns at sviveiros@westportschools.org

Thank you,

Susan Viveiros

Library Media Specialist

WEF News!

Dear Friends,

Hello from all of us at the Westport Education Foundation! We hope that everyone had a great summer and a smooth transition back to school. We have been busy working over the summer to ensure that our teachers and students have what they need to start off the new school year.

This year WEF has supported:

  • NEW Literacy geodes that will be implemented into the curriculum at both the Macomber and Elementary schools;

  • NEW Mystery Science program that will be used by Science teachers in the Elementary and Middle Schools;

  • A NEW SAT course, which will be offered at the High School level for any student who wishes to prepare for that test.

Join Us: We are now working with the Friends of the Westport Council on Aging, The PTO and various other town organizations to bring back The Walk/Run for Westport this year. This fundraiser is sure to be a big hit. Register at my.racewire.com and click here for more info on event and vendor opportunities:


If you have any questions, please email us at info@westporteducationfoundation.com. We would love to hear from you and hope that you have a fantastic year ahead!

Best wishes from all of us at WEF!

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WES/MAC PTO Fundraiser

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Amazon Smile

Link your Amazon Prime Account and your purchases at smile.amazon.com will support Wes-Mac PTO.


Wes-Mac Parent Teachers Organization

Bike Rodeo!!! Sunday, October 16th

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  • Tuesday 10/18 ~ Chipotle WES/MAC PTO Fundraiser (Fall River location)

  • Wednesday, 10/19 ~ Wear Orange for Unity Day (anti-bullying)

  • Friday, 10/21 ~ Progress available to view on the Community Portal.

  • Monday, 10/31 ~ Dress like your Favorite Book Character Day

  • Friday, 11/4 ~ Comedy Night sponsored by the Wes-Mac PTO

  • Tuesday, 11/8 NO SCHOOL ~ Election Day /Staff Training Day

  • Tuesday, 11/8 ~ Chuck E Cheese Dining for Dollars PTO fundraiser (Dartmouth location)

  • Thursday, 11/10 ~ 1st & 2nd Grade Movie Night @ 5:30-7:30 PM....details to follow

  • Friday, 11/11 NO SCHOOL ~ Veterans Day

  • Tuesday, 11/15 WES/Mac PTO @ 6:30 PM Macomber

  • Friday, 12/9 @ 5:30-7:30 PM ~ 3rd & 4th Grade Movie Night....details to follow.