New Life

Come to Texas for a new beginning, a new start on your life. In Texas you will have better jobs. Those jobs are farmers, craftsmen, doctors, lawyers, and more. you will also be free of all your dept and fees in other country's or states. you will also have no trouble with taxes for your first ten years living in Texas.

Rich soil

The soil in Texas is very rich and moist.The soil is good for growing wheat, cotton, corn, rice and grains. The land is good for ranching, farming and livestock. since, the soil grows fast you will be able to provide more food for your family. you can also trade and sell the goods to raise money. An acre costs 12.5 cents, which is very cheap in Texas.


  • no taxes
  • new life
  • good soil
  • dept free
  • 640 for man of house/ head of house
  • 320 for wife
  • 160 for child