By Kemris

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Global Effects

  • We will eventually run out of coal because there is a limited amount
  • Oil is a fossil fuel and we will eventually run out of that as well
  • If we run out of those fuels, we could also not have any electricity
  • The Ozone layer is disappearing, and when it's gone, the Earth will not have an atmosphere, which means there will be no life on Earth.
  • Animals will die of environmental pollution

Local Effects

  • A factory in Plainville is burning oil and causing air pollution
  • If we deplete all of our energy, we won't be able to move around the state to places we need to go.
  • Machines won't be able to work to make the items that we need in order to survive.
  • We're going to need to pay more for gas for our cars and our houses. This means we won't have as much money!
  • If people are paying too much for energy, they won't have money for food and housing.
  • People could lose their jobs because they don't have cars to get to where they work.

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