Phillipsburg Elementary School

Teach, Reach, & Inspire

January 20th-31st

Monday 20-Northern Valley Visit(see below), Observation @ 10:30, Pre-Conference @1:15

Tuesday 21-Observation @ 10:00, Observation @ 10:55, Post-Conference @ 1:30

Wednesday 22-Eagle Days in Kirwin @ 11:45, Conference in Wichita

Thursday 23-Conference in Wichita

Friday 24-Star Lab in gym, Observation @ 11:45, 2nd Grade Music Program 2:45

Monday 27-Star Lab in Gym

Tuesday 28-Conference in Salina

Wednesday 29-Kansas Day in Logan @ 12:50

Thursday 30-K-2nd Collaboration/Panther Time @ 8:00

Friday 31-3-4th Collaboration/Panther Time @ 8:00

Northern Valley Visit to District

Holly-Jim Cole

Deb-Sandra Dole, Cindy Wright

Sky-Kelly Taylor

Kara-Julie Thompson

Diane-Michael Thompson

As of now, these are the teachers that will be here and will be observing in the above listed classrooms. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Lunch Schedule January 22nd

4th Grade-11:15


1st Grade-11:45

2nd Grade-12:00

3rd Grade 12:15

3rd and 4th will switch their P.E/Music/Library times.

Staff of the Month!

Kim Munyon

Roxanne Bartels

Ginny Dunlap

Venus Lunsford

12 Learning Skills for 21st Century Learners