How to survive in space


what are some challanges encountered in space

  • FOOD - in space fruits expire immediately so fruits is not a suggestion to bring in space to eat.
  • MUSCLE AND BONES - in space there is no gravity so our body moves easily in the air,due to that we need to expertise in space,if not when we get to earth our bones and muscles will be weak and will lose the ability to walk or move.
  • DISTANCE - the more farther the shuttle is from earth, the harder it is to communicate

space travel in the past and now

PAST - in the past the astronaut suits were not bendable so it was hard for astronauts to move

NOW - now space suits are more bendable so astronauts can move around easily

EXTRA - space exploration began in 1957 when Russia,china,and the u.s were competing who was going to be the first on the moon.

how to survive

to survive the supplies/stuff below can help

  • SPACE SUIT - temp. in space is really cold so a space suit can help keep warm,it also helps store oxygen since there is none in space. (oxygen does not only go inside helmet is circles around whole suit.
  • FOOD - as said above fruits are not something you want to eat in space. But dehydrated foods are optional.