The River Swim

When I went swimming in a river in Missouri

Summer Fun

When I was in Missouri I went to a river with my cousins on my dad's side of the family. We only had to drive a few miles to the river because it was in Mountain View, MO where my Missouri cousins live. We left for the river the afternoon of June 16th. We got there by car because it was to long of a walk at the cops would get suspicious if people were going through a trail to a secret spot.

Look At Me

The Science Of It

The first thing river swimming has to do with science is velocity. My activity relates to velocity because the flowage speed of the river was not very fast but fast enough to carry a person if not fast enough. The next thing river swimming has to do with science is speed. The river current has enough speed to pull you down the river.

I Wonder…

I wonder what other ways does a river have to do with science? I wonder can a river's current go any faster? I wonder, can a river's velocity be better? I wonder what the fastest river is?