'The' Colin Powell Middle School

Updates from the Eagle's Nest!

Message from Dr. Streeter

Despite all the challenges we have faced this year, teacher shortage, bus shortage (resulting in 22 buses condensed to 10), social distancing (resulting in our small gym becoming our 2nd cafeteria - impacting our physical education team), there are still so many great things going on at The Colin Powell. The amazing staff, along with the illustrious administrative team, continues to press toward the goal to win the prize of excellence, where we shall all mount up with wings, as Eagles! As you read, please enjoy snapshots from our grade level and explore teams, which highlight what it means to exude, The Eagle Mentality!

Dr. Jason Black Streeter


8th Graders on the Move

The Class of 2022 has been in action all school year! Here recently, they’ve participated in the Spelling Bee, learned new concepts as young Scientists, received $500,000 from Amazon for the future 159 STEM building and of course, winning the 8th grade band contest at Manhattan Junior High on Saturday, March 12th. They have definitely been on the move!

Speaking of moving, there will be a Class of 2022 Parent Meeting on Wednesday, March 23rd at 6:30pm. Please check the District website for the link to the meeting. We will discuss May activities, expectations and hear from District 227. Please be there!

8th graders are prepping for a successful run with IAR and ISA. They’ll practice this week in their Math and ELA classes. Please support your scholar, our scholar, in all of their endeavors. Class of 2022 on the move!

Check out the Class of 2022!

Mrs. A. Barnes

Assistant Principal - 8th Grade

7th Graders on the Move


I am Mr. Richard Brown, 7th Grade Assistant Principal. It has been a pleasure working with our scholars thus far. Here is a snapshot of the action that has taken place in the 7th grade thus far. I appreciate the efforts of staff and students to make learning enjoyable for all!

Here are a few 7th Grade Highlights

  • Seventh grade science is learning all about energy getting ready for the upcoming energy carnival!

  • 7th Grade ELA is also preparing for IAR by analyzing practice tests and writing narratives and literary analysis.

  • 7th Grade Math Students will be preparing for IAR by going over the Computer Based Practice Tests during Math Class all next week....

  • 7th Grades Accelerated Math Class is already 4 Modules into the 8th Grade Curriculum....!!!

  • The 7th grade team would like to congratulate all the students who made the CPMS Track Team...!!!

  • Anthony Joneswas student Student of the Month S.O.A.R (February)

Mr. R. Brown

Assistant Principal - 7th Grade

6th Graders Are Ready

Hello District 159 Community,

I’m Ms. Moreland, the 6th grade assistant principal here at Colin Powell Middle School. I’ve had the pleasure of working with the awesome staff that supports our 6th grade students. I’ve also gotten the opportunity to build relationships, foster a climate of learning, and watch our 6th grade “baby eagles” grow into young adults. I would like to take this time to highlight the students, projects, activities, and programs we have participated in this school year.

Programs and Activities

  • SEL Lunch Groups-Mr. Tomlin (Resilience and overcoming failure-March Theme)
  • After School Tutorial- Ms. Boney and Mr. Tomlin (ELA)
  • Math Bowl- Ms. Kipp and Ms. Gamble (Math Competitions at Prairie State)
  • Respectful Ways Social Emotional Learning Program- Social Studies Teachers (anxiety, choosing wisely, self regulation, self-awareness, grief, accountability, etc…)
  • Art Club
  • Chess Club
  • Underwater Robotics Club
  • 6th Grade Basketball, Volleyball and Track/Field
  • Growth Mindset Presentation (F.A.C.E. Event)-Dr. Streeter and Mrs. Moreland
  • Eden Ellis took 1st place at the district-wide Spelling Bee.
  • Aderinsola Omokaye started a petition because he wanted an Art Club this year at Colin Powell. His leadership and persistence got him and several other students the opportunity they were hoping for.
  • Morgan Nelson-Student of the Month Award

Ms. K. Moreland

Assistant Principal - 6th Grade

Explore - Band and Choir

Tradition of Excellence continues in the CPMS Music Department…

After two years of pandemic, the Colin Powell Band & Choir Programs are BACK in full swing! This past December, we were thrilled to perform at our first in-person Band Concert since December 2019. We performed for a small live audience, and we also live-streamed the Concert for the very first time for any family members and friends who could not attend in person. On March 12th, our 8th Grade Concert Band earned a FIRST PLACE rating at the IGSMA Band Contest, which qualifies us to play at the State Band Contest on Saturday, April 23rd at Lockport High School. Both the 6th Grade Cadet Band and the 7th/8th Grade Concert Bands have been having small group sectionals and rehearsals in order to prepare for our Spring Band Concert, which will be taking place at CPMS in the Main Gym on Thursday, May 12th at 6:30pm. This Spring Concert will include 5th Grade Beginning Band, 6th Grade Cadet Band, 7th & 8th Grade Concert Bands, and the CPMS Choir! Band Parents, please encourage your child to practice their instruments at HOME on a consistent basis - we are only as good as our weakest player!

Contact Ms. Perry at jperry@dist159.com or Mr. Jensen at djensen@dist159.com with any questions or concerns.

Love to sing?? JOIN THE CPMS CHOIR!! We are always accepting new singers - after the pandemic, we are looking to build back our Choir program BIGGER and BETTER THAN EVER! Contact Mr. Stefans at jstefans@dist159.com if you want to join!! Rehearsals are after school on Wednesdays until 3:30pm (parents must provide transportation home), and you must attend all rehearsals in order to be in Choir and sing for the Concert on Thursday, May 12th.

Explore - Health

This is exemplary work by our 6th , 7th , and 8th Grade Health Students. The project compares music addressing the four parts of Health which are Physical, Mental, Social, and Emotional. Our students worked diligently to find the connections and then did an oral presentation explaining their work and findings. This was a great way for our students to interpret the music they listen to in addition to sharing with the class.

Explore - Applied Technology (STEM TECH, CODING and Film and Video)

The 6th, 7th and 8th Graders are engaged in technology at Colin Powell. The 6th Grade Students are introduced to STEM concepts and projects. The 7th Grade Students are learning Coding and the 8th Grade Students focus on Film and Video. Each class is introduced to 3D Design and Printing.

Creating a Motorized Swing, building a Six-Foot Ferris Wheel, a robot or Creating a Keychain using 3D Software are just a couple of things the students create.

'The' Colin Powell Administrative Team

Dr. Jason Black Streeter


Mrs. Angela Barnes

8th Grade - Assistant Principal

Mr. Richard Brown

7th Grade - Assistant Principal

Ms. Kijai Moreland

6th Grade - Assistant Principal