A Holiday Overture

A seasonal music event that captures the holiday spirit.

The Temple Beth-El

The Background of the Venue:

Temple Beth-El is an inclusive and welcoming congregation that fulfills the spiritual, educational, and social needs of its members. Temple Beth-El is committed to meaningful and relevant lifelong learning, joyful worship, and fulfillment of life with a special focus on the understanding and acceptance of social choices made by the individual in their lives.

Temple Beth-El is a Center for which it's members can come and celebrate the heritage of faith and gifts of life, along with the general community.

"The Gift of Giving"- Holiday Music Overture by the Temple Beth-El Cantorial and CLT Pride Band:

I chose this event not because of the holiday season approaching but because of the venue itself. This open community and religious sanction of life embraces the ideology of human choices with the added structure of religious reform to aide in the guidance of life and making the right decisions and choices. The music put together by Temple Beth-El Cantorial captures the true meaning of the season with contemporary holiday music as well as traditional and more classical styling with Jewish based "Klezmer" music played in Hebrew.

Music Listings:

The contemporary music catalog gave favor to most holiday classics as well as religious reflections to the Holiday Season in which the general public would be most accustom to played by the Temple Beth-El Cantorial. While the more traditional and classical music catalog played by the Charlotte Pride Band gave favor to different forms of Bach's Christmas Oratorio, Handel's Messiah and Mozart's Alleluia. At the end of this Holiday Overture, "A Gift of Giving", a special Hebrew musical tradition was played by the Klezmer to give life meaning to a simple Jewish tradition at this time. While most of the audience is unfamiliar with this tradition, Rabbi J. Robison of the Temple Beth-El School provided a meaningful interpretation of this musical styling and a educational background of its heritage.

Pictures from the Event:

Background about the Kelzmer

Klezmer is easily identifiable by its characteristic expressive melodies, reminiscent of the human voice, complete with laughing and weeping. This is not a coincidence; the style is meant to imitate "khazone and paraliturgical" singing.

A number of dreydlekh, which is a Yiddish word for musical ornaments such as krekhts are used to produce this style.

The Romanian influence is, perhaps, the strongest and most enduring of the musical styles that influenced traditional klezmer musicians. Klezmer musicians heard and adapted traditional Romanian music, which is reflected in the dance forms found throughout surviving klezmer music repertoire in the Horas, Doinas, Sirbas, and Bulgars form.

Musicians Old Post Road

Mozart: Alleluia by Musicians Old Post Road

The meaning behind the event:

I wanted to give "Cultural Diversity" a chance. This event mended together two different concepts of life and art. It joined both cultural and musical identities into one. When it comes to music, everyone knows that different people have different styling choices, however we often times forget that music is still written by a person to simply tell a story. So choosing this event for me was about what and who is telling the story. Even though these were not original pieces, the environment was original and new to me. Temple Beth-El is modernly Jewish in natural but culturally and musically gifted with accepting contemporary norms of the surrounding community.

This Holiday Overture gave new meaning to their Cantorial featuring the Charlotte Pride Band, introducing new age influences with classical holiday seasonal music. For me, I truly enjoyed this experience and as an added bonus, I also received a new insight to the cultural and religious customs of the Jewish people.

I will definitely recommend this seasonal event to anyone and will definitely be joining this musical holiday celebration for years to come.

Guest Performances by the CLT Pride Band:

The mission of the Charlotte Pride Band is to provide an open, inviting environment for musicians of all ability levels while promoting the value and respect of the Charlotte metropolitan area through quality musical performances. They believe that music can bring together any community. They also intend to provide the highest quality performances that can be used for the enjoyment and support of the community at large so that, "one day we live in a diverse, supportive community that's welcoming to everyone".

After their musical catalog, they ask for donations for the Charlotte Christmas Fund for those less fortunate and with multi-sponsors and a generous donation by the Temple Beth-El, many families and children homes will have holiday celebrations and gifts this year.