Between Shades of Gray

By: Ruta Sepetys

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15 year old Lina, her mother Elena, and her brother Jonas are taken away by the Soviets, but their father is nowhere to be found. In this story Lina and her family go through ups and downs, but always end up being there for each other. Lina has to fight for her life, she risks absolutely everything to do art. During the book Lina befriends a boy named Andrius who tries to help Lina find her father. Will Lina and her family survive?


I think that the theme of this book is think positive and have hope . First off, Lina, Elena, and Jonas always stay with each other. They never give up and always have hope. For example, Lina always reassured herself that her father was alive and well. Also, through all of the pain Lina, her brother and mother always looked at the bright side and took everything for granted.


For my research I did concentration camps. First off, in concentration camps the prisoners barely got any food which led to starvation. Also, most of the prisoners had to work all day, and they also had harsh conditions like diseases. Most of the prisoners had to either sleep on concrete or on the ground.

How it relates

First off, camps that Lina, Elena, and Jonas were at some of the prisoners died of diseases and starvation. Also, in the book Lina and other prisoners at one of the camps had to help build buildings for the soviets. Lastly, Lina, her mother, and bother had to sleep on the ground.


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