Our Fantastic First Grade Class!

Welcome to our newsletter for the week of September 19th!

Weekly Showdown!

Here is a look at our week...

  • Reading - We will continue to work on building our "readers toolbox". We will add two different strategies to help us figure out unknown words. On Friday, ask your student about Flippy Dolphin and Skippy Frog.

  • Word Study - This week we will focus on the blend ch (chair, cherry, chalk, chick).

  • Writing - We will continue our illustration study. We will work on editing a book before it is finished (check our spelling, punctuation, and capitalization).

  • Math - We will continue our addition and subtraction unit.

Important Information!


- Friday - DMR (daily math review) and DLR (daily math review).

I will send home a copy of the DMR and DLR quiz on Monday. This can stay at home. It is too give you and idea of what will be on the quiz as well as extra practice.

- Friday - Reading Vocabulary. This quiz consists of three or four words we will see during our reading. Vocabulary homework will be sent home Tuesday.

- Friday - Spelling. The spelling list will consist of 10 "ch" blends and 5 word wall words. The list that is sent home will have 5 out of the 10 "ch" blend words. Students should be studying these words every night. The other 5 "ch" blend words will be given the day of the test. They will continue to follow the "ch" rule. The list will be sent him on Monday.

Important Dates:

- September 19th - Title One Eagle Family Night

- September 27th - Title One Eagle Family Night

*If you can make it to either or both of these family night, please join us! We have different activities throughout the school that both you and your student can participate in. I will be there volunteering at one of the stations and would love to see everyone!

- September 30th - The last day you can order off the September issue of Scholastic.

- October 5th - Picture day!


Keep a loot out for these papers throughout the week...

Monday - Math Homework

Tuesday - Vocabulary Homework

Wednesday - Math Homework

Thursday - Students are to review for DMR, DLR, vocabulary, and spelling.

-Students should be reading a minimum of 20 minutes a night. Students can do 5 minutes on Lexia. For the read of the 15 minutes, students can either read or be read too.

Contact Information.

If you have any questions, feel free to message me on class Dojo.