athletes and actors are overpaid

they are paid more than our president!

Do you think athletes and actors are overpaid?

  • Athletes and actors are strictly for entertainment purposes
  • Although actors and athletes are enjoying to watch that doesn't mean they deserve more than the people who save lives every day

Actors and athletes get paid more than health care workers.

  • Health care workers get paid in fractions of what athletes and actors make.
  • even though health care workers are Saving lives they are still being paid less.

soldiers get paid hardly any money compared to athletes or actors

  • Soldiers who are fighting for our lives get paid like they do nothing.
  • actors have such an easy job and do nothing to save our country and get paid millions.

Some believe just because athletes work hard, that they deserve millions of dollars

  • Because they do so much they should be paid more than others
  • Many people work hard every day for little money, and live poorly while others are living with no worries.

Take Action

  • Get together and show that there are others out there who deserve a better pay!