Night of The Twisters

By Ivy Ruckman

Character List

Dan Hatch

Arthur Darlington

Linda Hatch

John Hatch

Stacey Darlington

Ronnie Vae Darlington

Aunt Goldie

Belle Smiley


Grandpa Hatch

Grandma Hatch

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Problem and Solution

Problem: Dan, Arthur, and Stacey could not get Mrs. Smiley (a older woman in the neighborhood) out of the basement.

Solution: So they made a ladder out of springs from a old couch so she could climb it to get out through the window.

Problem: As the police was driving the kids to K-mart a tornado hit and when it it shattered the wind shield and got glass in his eyes.

Solution: Dan had to drive the police car the rest of the way.


The author started by telling that Dan's red-letter day was when He won a contest and got $100 in merchandise and got a brand new bike. In chapter 5 o'clock the text says that Dan and Arthur were at the beach in Mormon Island State Park. But then the weather started to change so they went home. When they went home they say the weather and the weather man said that there was going to be a 20% chance of thunderstorms in the evening. In chapter 6 o'clock Dan's Mom asked Dan to set the table. The text says that after dinner Dan's Dad went to the farm to work on the tractor. Then Arthur calls his Mom to asked if he can spend the night and his Mom said yes. Next it starts to rain and hail. According to the text Dan and Arthur left for Arthur's house after dinner. Next the author wrote that while they were leaving Arthur's house that the TVs were all announcing tornado sightings in the vicinity. I know because when they got home to Dan's house the turned on the TV right away. But then the sirens blared and mom said to go to the basement and get Ryan. She was going to go made sure that Mrs. Smiley was in the basement. Once Mom left and the boys were in the basement the tornado hit and ruined the house. After the tornado hit Dan tried to get out but he could not. But then they heard a noise and it was Arthur's sister looking for them. Eventually they got out of the house they went to find Dan's Mom. They did find Dan's Mom and then sent her to a safe place where they were keeping people. While Dan's Mom went with Ryan to find shelter Stacey (Arthur's sister,) Dan, and Arthur went to go find Mrs. Smiley. They found her asleep in her basement asleep on a old couch. Once they tried everything to get Mrs. Smiley out of the basement they had a great idea and they build a ladder out of old couch springs. Then they eventually got Mrs. Smiley out of the basement. According to the text the kids sent Mrs. Smiley off to a shelter that would be safe for her. The author wrote that after Mrs.Smiley was on her way to a safe place they got in a police car and headed to K-mart but then a twister touched down. The wind shield had shattered and got glass into officer Kelly's eye and he could not see so Dan had yo drive the police car to Police Headquarters. When they got to headquarters the kids were brought to a safe place. In the text it said that they had escaped Headquarters to look for their family. They found Arthur and Stacey's dad. Once Arthur and Stacey found their Dad Dan went to find his Mom. While he was walking down a road looking for his family he heard a car then turned around and it was Mom, Dad, and Ryan. They were all reunited. In As Remembered One Year Later the text says that old Mrs. Smiley passed away from a heart attack. Also they were all having dinner celebrating the anniversary of the night of the twisters.


The setting of Night of The Twisters is Grand Island, Nebraska. Here are some fun facts!

1. The capitol of Nebraska is Lincoln

2. Kansas borders Nebraska

3. The Nebraska state bird is the Western Medowlark