Research for Documentary

Primary research

We plan to interview local handball players and handball coaches which will take place where they train as this is related to the mise-en-scene. We also plan to interview professional handball players which also will ideally be in their place of where they play/train. Voxpops of random people will take place in the street so it looks random and natural. People who follow handball will be interviewed ideally at a handball match as this shows their passion for the sport. PE teachers will be interviewed in a class room of school gym, this links to both the mise-en-scene and their profession. We ideally want to interview doctors and physiotherapists, they will be interviewed in their place of profession to show that they know what they are talking about. The props included in the interviews will be when interviewing people playing handball, this will be all of the handball equipment, especially the ball.


Liam McCarthy – Coaching and Workforce -

Nathan Kirwan – HDO Cheshire –

Christopher McDermott – England Handball player - twitter; @ChristopherMcD_

England Handball Association – 01925246482/3 -

Wirral Penitular Handball Club - Rob Price Head of Coaching Development 07868546857

Secondary Research

The archive material included will be...

Men's Handball Sweden vs Iceland -London 2012 Olympics -

Women's Handball Norway vs France - London 2012 Olympics -

Handball in Britain after the Olympics -

History of Handball (American/culture) -

Paralympic Handball -

Music we could use includes...

Public Enemy – Harder than what you think (instrumental)

Calvin Harris (ft Kelis) – Bounce -

Avicii – Levels -

Daft Punk – Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger -


History of Handball -

Handball Equipment -

Rules of Handball -

Wheelchair Handball -

Wheelchair Handball Rule -