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To think about:

Does anyone have a booth idea for the LPS Diversity Festival?

Send me a list of any capital expenditures you want me to request.

Have all of our students signed the AUP?



Note: Music Therapy moved to Friday for this week



-MN at Principals' Meeting in AM


Music Therapy (3 AM Sessions Possible)

Upcoming Dates: September

10/2: TABE Test

10/4: Hotdog BBQ Lunch

NEE: Unit of Instruction

Big3 Focus Week of 9/30: Expanding Emotional Vocabulary

Lesson #6: Using Your Emotional Vocabulary

Lesson 6: Using Your Emotional Vocabulary (expand vocab, practice, consider ways to respond to prepare them to handle challenging emotional situations when they occur)

  1. Circle: Share times you have seen people act on strong emotions (anger, frustration, happiness). What is happening? How did the person handle it? How might the person have reacted in a more positive or effective way?

  2. Discuss the results of the Emotional Vocabulary Quiz. Choose one feeling from the list in the quiz and write a scenario that goes along with it from their own experience. “Tell me about a time when you felt…”

Executive Functioning Skills Focus (Increasing Staff "Language" with Students)

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Can we start being intentional about our conversations about task initiation and time management with our kids?

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