What's Happening Longfellow?

Mr. Werner and Mrs. Duerre's Fifth Grade Class Events

Class and School Events

We recently just had the Get Movin' Marathon! It was a great success. The students of the entire school raised so much money. The kids loved to help their school and kept moving that day at school. The students were playing games, such as four square, football and tug-of-war. Like Mr. Dahl said, "I like to move it, move it!" They liked to "move it" that day!

For Halloween, we are going bowling and having a decorating competition! The cookies will be judged in the areas of Scary, Creative and Fun. The entire class will vote for one cookie in each category. Let the fun and sugar begin!

In November, the whole school will have a Veteran's Day celebration on the 11th. Also, in 5W, Kyler will be celebrating his 11th birthday. Happy birthday Kyler!

The fifth grade also just had their gym soccer league. They all played hard and worked well together. The teams were a mix of both fifth grade classrooms.

Class Learning Targets

What are You Learning Fifth Grade?

In fifth grade, there is much to learn! Decimals, how to write long essays, and many science topics.

In math class, we are learning all about fractions and decimals. The fifth graders are now able to read and compare all sorts of these math concepts. The expanded form, written form and number form are no match for these fifth grade decimators!

Let's float down to science. Mr. Werner's class learns about buoyancy; all that can float and why. How can such a great ship like the Titanic float on water? Buoyancy!

Red words? What are red words? Each week, the class is given three words that are irregular and quite challenging to spell. The words that have been used recently are:

  • these
  • another
  • enough
  • they're
  • could
  • thought
  • because
  • don't
  • want

Lastly, with writing, the fifth graders are practicing how to create a personal narrative. The class has been writing about who is most important to them and use many reasons why that person is important. The first part is gathering ideas. The second part is creating the first draft. Next the students must have an adult proof read their draft. Lastly, the class will write their final draft about the person that is most important in their life.

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