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We started Unit 6: Extreme Environments. We are learning all about the hottest, coldest, deepest, and highest places on earth! We are learning how animals and plants survive and adapt in these extreme habitats.


We are learning all about metamorphosis, We now know how caterpillars undergo complete metamorphosis to change into a butterfly. We also learned all about the body parts of both the caterpillar and butterfly. We will be exploring how butterflies use camoflage to protect themselves from predators.


We have been hard at work publishing our very special Mother’s Day writing! Look for a special delivery this Sunday!


Our ninth unit concentrates on multi-digit multiplication using a variety of different methods, such as partial products, lattice, and traditional methods. We are also working on division and sharing money.

It is very important that the children still practice their multiplication facts at home!

A few of the Excellent Enrichment Projects! The children did a WONDERFUL job. I very much enjoyed listening to their unique and creative presentations.

Crazy Hair Day!

Thank you!

Thank you for the "homemade" bouquet of flowers- BEAUTIFUL! I especially loved to read all the cute and kind words from the children!


  1. Please remember to turn in assessment folders and Thursday folders
  2. Please ask if your child needs a supply replenish – sharpened pencils, sharpeners,colored pencils, expos, etc.
  3. Philadelphia Zoo Trip –June 4th
  4. Thank you to all who contributed to the Liberia Walk…it was a great success!

Happy Mother's Day!