It's the Apocalypse

Which Region's the Best

Coastal Plain

Starting along the coast is the Coastal Plains. This region, being on the coast, has one bay at the bottom. It has many beautiful beaches, but it isn't quite as beautiful with Zombies. This region gets a 4 out of ten because of its lack of fresh water and flat lands.

Appalachian Highlands

Our next region of the apocalypse is the Appalachian Highlands. This old elevated region is like a flatter and inland version of the Coastal Plains. Overall, this region gets a 5 due to the lack of water and higher plateau tops, making it a good place to build a base.

Canadian Shield

Our next destination is the Canadian Shield. It wraps around the Hudson Bay. This region has many lakes in it, making it a wonderful hide out spot. It has worn out hills with older rock formations. There are also a few rolling hills making it an even better hide out spot, giving the Canadian Shield a 7 out of ten.

Interior Lowlands

This inland lowland is the Interior Lowlands. It has many rivers in it giving it a great fresh water destination. With the hills and valleys, this region would score a 7 for its score.

Great Plains

The next region is the Great Plains. This region is located west of the Interior Lowlands and east of the Rocky Mountains. You do not want to come here if you want to live. It is very dry and flat and grassy. It has small elevation when westward. This region doesn't have much water so it gets a three.

Rocky Mountains

The next region along is the Rocky Mountains. It has many mountains and it houses the Continental Divide, which means that zombies from the east stay on the east, and zombies from the west stay on the west. This region scores a four.

Basin and Range

This range ( and basin ) is called the Basin and Range ( a lot of creativity there ). It is very high and very low. The Basin and Range has many canyons and some mountains. This fine region has a rating of five.

Coastal Range

This western coast is called the Coastal Range. It stretches from Canada to Mexico. It has mostly salt water around it but there is still a river within it.It has the Sierra Nevada and the Cascades, it also has some fertile valleys in it. It is quite a rocky and plains type surface. This region would get a five for its rating.