Anthony Mercado


All About Me !!!!

Wassup im anthony but my peoples call me tone. im a freshman a william penn high school. If yall go there say wassup but foreal im cool and chill and i play ball as well. Im rican and 15 i was born in DE lived in wilmimgton but i moved to new castle.

My Life

Wassup yall but FMOI: Kingtone___ but no ghost followers....... But im cool and chill but my life is chill and complicated but foreal this year in penn i wanna be succesful and get all my credits so that i can graduate from penn and go to university of DE.


Ima basketball player and im trying out for the William Penn basketball team. I have played basketball as a hobbie but then i took it serious and now its one of my favorite sports.Hopefully yall see me on the team this year.

My future

My Future is to be a succesful person by graduating and having a great career i want to be a engineer or become an officer. The reason i choose those two is because i know alot about cars and i know lots about criminal justice cause my uncle and grandpa where cops for wilmington. Those is my careers i want.