Copyright & Plagiarism !!!

Copyright & Plagiarism speech on Tuesday next week at 10 am

When and where?

Info: Speech is at 10 a.m. on Tuesday the 5th. At the Junior High cafeteria.

Hope to see you there.

By Ashley Render

Things you may learn

Some things you may learn: -Copyright only lasts up until 70 year after the death of the owner of the work. - Plagiarism, is copying someone else s work down and using it as your own. -The fair use act lets you use copyrighted material for educational purposes only. -Public domain is where you can use anyone's work freely. - You can use copyrighted material as long as you give credit to the owner. - If you take somebody's work, and use it as your own then that is illegal. -You can only use somebody's work and give them credit if they have their work copyrighted. -Copyright is very useful if you don't want someone to steal your work.