Al Capone Does My Shirts

By Gennifer Choldenko

Reviewed By: Denis, David, Brady and Will H

To summarize Al Capone Does My Shirts, The beginning made you feel somewhat sad for many reasons. There are a lot of unfortunate things, one of them Moose being forced to move to Alcatraz Island. Now, Some people may like this but for him, He left friends behind. That doesn’t mean there isn’t any other kids. There are Annie, Piper, Theresa, Natalie, Moose, and Jimmy. Theresa is a annoying, 7-8 year old girl, Who happens to be very nosy. Piper, is the warden's daughter who, according to someone else in the story, a looker. Which means she is looks and charm. But also even more nosy than Theresa. Jimmy, Is a smart kid who likes to build contraptions. But, Isn’t the best at baseball. Natalie, has autism and trouble saying full sentences. And Moose, is a charming, good looking, nice, smart, and a role model. But when Moose asks the world's most dangerous gangster, Al Capone, To get into his sister into a school to help her into a school for disordered children, Such as Natalie, What will moose do in return?

David's Opinion

I thought Al Capone Does My Shirts was a amazing read for me. It wasn’t to easy but not to hard. It really kept me wanting to read on and on and on… I would’ve read ahead and at my own pace if it wasn’t for having to read it in school. When you look at the title and picture, You wouldn’t choose it. But if you got into the series and started reading it, you’d never judge books by their covers again. ✭✭✭✭✭

Denis' Opinion

✭✭✭✭✭ I give this book five stars for many reasons. One reason is this book was a page turner we just read on and on until the end. I am so happy that the author Gennifer Choldenko made 2 more books Al Capone Shines My Shoes and Al Capone Does My Homework. This book is a great book you should definitely read it.

Brady's Opinion

✯✯✯✯ I give this book four stars for many reasons. first of all it made me want to jump out of my seats at times because I got so mad or happy at times. I also give it four stars because at times it would almost bore me to sleep. I really did like the book though, it was a page turner. It made me want to keep reading even when we had to stop. Overall, the book was one of the best I´ve read in a few months. If I could give it four and a half stars, I would.

Will's Opinion

✭✭✭✭ I like this book because it keeps you wondering. Like when Moose gets a letter from the warden, I was thinking whats going to happen to Moose? Is he going to get in trouble or is he there to be complimented? I also like this book because it is based in the year 1935 and it actually makes me feel like it’s in 1935, which I love. The book has a very happy ending which has something to do with Natalie. This is why I would rate this book four stars .


Our opinion over this would have to be for a mature audiences, Not some 9 year old who picked it up. There’s many reasons for this, but the main reason is some, Er, Naked parts. There isn’t any pictures of it. But still, It's something that for some, Would make them laugh or something odd. Also there's, well, a bit of language. While, as you get older this would be fine, But younger they might repeat it.

There is also some dirty, Adult references kids might not understand or take the right way. Such as, They haven’t seen a woman in 30 years some of them, So make sure no girls wear short clothes or bathing suits. Also a kid having beer at age 11. Which, Is probably illegal now but not in like.. 1956 was it? But, Hopefully you get the point. I hope they take interest if they are 11+. Or 10, Depends on their responsibility and maturity.

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