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December 19-22, 2016

from the Mayor-

Feedback about the Elementary Learning meeting goes here.

Below are the questions used in the debriefing meeting yesterday for the Writing IC. These would serve as good conversation starters as you meet with teachers about minilessons.

· How did you determine the teaching point based on data?

· Can students go back and write based on the instruction they received?

· What was the one main point?

· How did you select a Mentor Text for your teaching point?

· What Missouri Learning Standard does your lesson cover?

· How will you check for understanding after the mini-lesson?

During my next rounding of site visits after winter break, I’ll be focusing on administrator standard 3 in Tower. Be prepared to brag about yourself in these areas:

· 3.1 Manage the Organization Structural

· 3.2 Lead Personnel

· 3.3 Manage Resources

Executive Function: Vital For Kids’ Ability to Learn

Whether students are working on self-directed projects or worksheets, executive functioning skills are important.

from Julie Veatch-

“Fractions? Excellent! I LOVE teaching fractions!” Said no 3rd grade teacher ever. We’re familiar with the progressions of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We know how and when to back up and go forward conceptually. Same for fractions? Not so much.

Graham Fletcher author of the math forum ”Questioning my Metacognition” recently posted “The Progression of Fractions”, a fourth installment to his Making Sense Series which explores the meaning of, equivalence and comparison of fractions. This is worth the watch, folks.

Fletcher’s site also provides a broad array of 3 Act Lessons and his Numeracy Project which includes examples of grade level interview assessments taken from and based upon New Zealand’s Number Framework. A nice resource for uncovering student strategies.

Empathy Is Key to Transforming 21st Century Learning

"...deep connections lead to creative problem solving & positive pursuits...this makes empathy critical to schools"

from Hubbard-

As you can see, we have a lot to celebrate! Scores went up dramatically in each component for both Guided Reading and Fluent Reading! I just put two exclamatory sentences in a row! Now 3! I’m really excited!

Thanks to the hard work of classroom teachers, principals, and district departments, gains have been made across the board. An abundance of resources have been added to Canvas, and hours of training for principals and teachers have occurred due to the focus on reading. This translates into much more purposeful differentiated instruction for students.

We still have room to grow, however, this is a great time to take stock in your hard work to help students become better readers and writers. As we continue working on our writing focus this year, remember that reading and writing are reciprocal processes. Teaching students to be better writers helps them become better readers and vice versa. That’s a two for one deal!

Celebrate! You deserve it. Enjoy time off with your friends and family! We’ll see you next year!!!!!!!

Why Character Can’t Be Taught Like Pythagorean Theorem

If we want to improve a child’s grit or resilience or self-control, it turns out that the place to begin is not with the child himself. What we need to change first, it seems, is his environment.

from J-

I have two favorite aspects of my role. The first is visiting you at your sites, discussing and experiencing the great learning (and challenging opportunities) that are going on within your learning community. The second is coming together for our Leadership Team. This past Wednesday simply confirmed that favorite. My thanks to you, Bret, and our other peers that regularly join us as we continue to increase our capacity to learn and lead.

Be watching for at least one email from me that will provide follow-up directions to a few topics from our Elementary Leadership Team meeting. That should be coming by Monday at the latest.

As wonderfully exhausting as these last few days are anticipated to be, I invite you to be the positive, rock of a leader that staff, students and parents deserve and need.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to each of you!

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