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Hey iGIP Generation Bold!

This used to be just a weekly analysis but given all the things happening, this will be our main medium of communication. Take the time to read it and please reply and give me feedback :)

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Sales Ranking Upgrades

October Seller of the Month

Weekly Analysis & Conversion Rate

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A fellow Bolder


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Congratulations MaCla!

Check it out at the WIX: http://juliach8.wix.com/igip1314#!hall-of-fame/c10o5

Keep up the good work everyone! You could be the November Star Seller! ;)


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Performance Analysis

Good job this week guys, we did a lot better than last week's analysis! Last week's analysis showed only 1 member with a green pipeline and this week shows 7 green pipelines! Very good! Also, all of our members are now using nimble, which is good. The remaining people who still have red pipelines are excused for it for now, for various reasons so I will just proceed with tracking all the green and yellow accounts.

Keep up the good work this week and let's make this a full green pipeline. As it is, we are still not working at full capacity. Only 43% of our members have moving accounts and we don't have the time or capacity to be working at this level only. We need to push for 100% green pipelines, with more meetings and more raises.

Watch out for the strategy this week and next week to move our accounts forward!

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Input for your analysis

This is an updated conversion rate, following the iGIP weekend. You may use this information to do your analysis in your own LCs and to re-strategize what things you need to focus on to move the accounts forward and convert these potential customers into raises.


iGIP Team Building

Call for ideas!

Where do you want our iGIP Team Building to be?

What do you want to do during our iGIP team building?

Who wants to help me plan it? I need one volunteer! <3

Answer this form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1iitBxb7sDYbUmIyWZLR0VJmwXLRoaHyslSlZX7ZMFeE/viewform

iGIP Weekend Outputs

1. New Training for new members: Who else wants to help facilitate and deliver sessions? So far, I have two volunteers, Ernesto and Valery. I need at least 1-2 more people :)

2. Area meetings: network meetings with everyone present every two weeks! What do you think? This will happen virtually and in person if we can manage everyone's schedules.

3. Market Research: CLPA to share information with us on their format for market research. Also, please email us with your feedback for the market research:julio.benitez@aiesec.net and julia.chu@aiesec.net

4. Calling Cards and synergy points with corners

Sign up for the Match Like Never Before webinars!

What is it?

A challenge for LC VPs, team leader and member to match more and faster, by attending education webinars, getting coaching and implementing assignments for a period of 6 weeks!

DEADLINE for LCs to sign up: 11th of November 17:00GMT+1

More info & sign up form:

All members can sign up for this to increase our matching rates and decrease our matching time!

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What's happening in November?

November is our deadline for raising all of our Teaching and Language Education TNs and this month will also signal the shift to our new product focus! Watch out for it!

No day but today guys. This is the month. It's now or never!

What are you doing everyday that contributes to your goal? We have 18 working days left in November. Time is running out but every minute of every day means the possibility of turning things around. How will you spend the next 5 minutes? The next hour? The next week? Remember our promise of delivering 55 professional leadership experiences for young people.

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