AR Between the Wars

By: Landry Spurlock


Entertainment in the 1920's was a big deal. They called it "The Roaring twenties". The main reason they called it the roaring twenties was because they believed that the economy was booming. Cities were growing larger and people began to move away from their farms to start working in the factories. Entertainment was also made up of Art, music, and dancing. People in the 1900's loved it!

A Devastating Flood

In 1927 a massive flood broke out along the Mississippi river. The flood damaged homes, left devastated lives, and many animals lost their lives. This flood took place in Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Louisiana.

Joseph T. Robinson

Began working as an Arkansas as an Arkansas Legislature at the age of 22. Served as a U.S. congressman and the governor of Arkansas. Supporter of President Roosevelt's new deal program. Strongest political voice in Arkansas.