Connected Educator

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A. Walkie talkie for your phone. Listen in realtime or playback at a convenient time.

B. An easy communication tool to connect educators by sharing their voice, text message, images, videos and GIFs

C. Everyone's voice is heard

D. Nothing is left out of the conversation

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Using it for Classroom

  • Parent communication tool
  • Genius hour groups (connecting with experts)
  • Project ideas (share between educators and or classes)
  • Group Projects (working together using voxer as communication)

For the Educator #PLN

  • Book study
  • Department communication
  • Global Educator Connection (ex) #edumatch

Campus utlization

  • Bus Duty
  • Hall Duty
  • First Day Activities
  • Last day of Activities
  • Administration
  • Important Announcements
  • Observation notes

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Tips and Tricks

1. When using with students, you’ll need to monitor their usage, especially because they can share images and videos

2. Short and sweet voxes that get to the point

3. Side voxes

4. Options to turn off notifications (necessary when in groups)

Voxer 101 - Part 1

How to Get Signed Up!

Voxer 101 - Part 2: Registration
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We Recommend You Follow:


- edumatch

- Pass the Scope

- Genius hour

- #eduvoxer

People to Connect with-








Adlena's Voxer Hero: Jennifer Casa-Todd

She is a speaker for education and speaks at a lot of conferences. When I first came on to Voxer I didn't quite understand what and how it works. When I read her article on her blog it really opened up my eyes to see what voxer is really about.

Cassie's Voxer Hero: "Sarah Da Teechur" (Sarah Thomas)

She knows EVERYONE! She also started the #edumatch group which is very active on twitter, Google Hangouts and Voxer every DAY! Great place to meet and connect with a diverse group of individuals. Find out more on her website!

EdCamp Voxer.. say what?

In December of 2015 a few members of the edumatch group ventured out to do the first ever Edcamp completely through Voxer!

Check out the tweets about the event by clicking here.

Ready for Step 2: Creating your OWN groups!

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Lets visit a group and Vox with them