Quarter 3 Week 3


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Remember the 3 basic questions of economics ... what to produce ? How to produce ? Whom to produce for ? Click on the taking to the net # 3 link and read about the famous Kellogs company. How does Kellogs answer each of the 3 questions?
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Click on the link and look over all the job categories on the left hand side ... click on one that you find interesting (ex. crime scene photography) and submit a summary about that jobs interesting details (minimum 30 words) !!
free market system

Free market video

1.Why do we have such a variety of goods in our country?

2. How does a communist economy differ from our market economy?

3.Why do you think the lines are so long in front of the McDonalds in Russia?

4.What's so good about a production line?

5.How are prices determined in open air markets that are found around the world?

6. List 2 items that the personal computer had replaces?

7.List the factors of production

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minimum wage

click on the link and then go to your state and find out what the minimum wage is. Then choose four other states from different parts of the country. List all wages on you assignment page and then state why you think there is a difference in wages throughout the country. Do you think it would be a good idea to have one minimum wage in all 50 states? Why of why not?
What Happens When We Raise The Minimum Wage?

Minimum wage video

explain what happens when we raise minimum wages .... what do you think should be done ?