Lets Be Healthy Not Sick!!!!

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Have you ever taken your dog a shower and found 3 red fleas crawling on their back?Obesity, Cancer, and fleas are big problems canines have.The top 3 ways to keep your canine healthy is to Spay or neuter it. Give it a good home. Also prevent parasites.

First of all, spaying and neutering an animal is important! One reason why its important is that it lowers risks of cancer. Another reason is that it decreases the population of the species. Some people may want to have litters of puppy's and others would like them to be single. Reducing a pets risk of getting lost is the last reason. What i mean is while the surgery they put a chip inside of and animal. So if it ever get lost ;someone finds it. Scanning the stomach for the chip will help the animal find its home.

Also another way is to give your animal a good environment! Have you seen the ASPCA commercials? Do you see how the dogs are locked in cages? All of that is cruel and something you should not do. So that's why your about to read something very important. Caution if your not gonna pay attention stop reading! A canine needs good hygiene. Your home has to be a environment where basically you can care for yourself and others!

More tips

Washing your dog may not be a difficult thing. Trying to prevent fleas is! Ill be giving you 2 tips to keep your animal flea free. First everyone should do this to a pet. Give them weekly showers. If you don't do that fleas are just gonna feel welcomed on some fur. The second tip is to get flea/parasite control. In my world medicine to prevent fleas. Also to kill them. If you follow these you don't have to worry about seeing 3 red bugs crawling on your canines back.

Dr Nelson Stuart says "Knowledge is power. read up and learn as much as possible about your dog specifically. About raising, training, and living with your canine" "In general the more knowledge the more confident you'll be in providing a safe enjoyable home for you dog " Says Dr.Stuart Nelson. Now you know three ways to keep your canine healthy and happy!

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