Mrs. Baker's Newsletter

November 14, 2019

What is going on?

Hello- We have had another great week in Second Grade!

We were so lucky last week! Rebecca's parents came in and educated us about their jobs! Mr. Tony works with robots and is an Engineer. Mrs. Sinty is a Lawyer. We even had a mock trial between the Witch and Hansel & Gretel. We had a ball!

Please note we have a Math and Spelling test tomorrow. Remind your child to use punctuation and capital letters. It kills me to take off for silly mistakes.

Our Thanksgiving lunch meal time is 10:47-11:17 on Tuesday. Please come if you are able!

Please remember to have your child be working on their reading and math facts. What a great thing to work on during this cold snap!

This and That...

Upcoming Dates:

  • 5:30 Nov. 12 Spelling Bee Finals
  • 9-12 Nov. 16 World Changer Club School Community Clean-Up Link to Sign-Up
  • Nov. 19 Thanksgiving Meal for Families of Students in Grades 2 & 3 Schedule
  • Nov. 25-29 Thanksgiving Holidays
  • Dec. 4 1st Grade Field Trip
  • Dec. 5 Kinder Field Trip
  • Dec. 6 PASSPORT TO SOMMER is coming!!
  • Dec. 9 Dowser Dan Assembly for 2nd Grade
  • Dec. 12 Holiday Meal for Families of 4th/5th Grades/ Science Fair Info Night
  • Dec. 17 3rd Grade Economics Fair
  • Dec. 19th Second Grade Party (12:30-1:15)

Coming up next week-

Reading: Students will recognize cause & effect and how it contributes to author’s purpose, as well as, use context clues to determine word meaning. Students will identify features of poetry and infer when reading poetry. Students will identify ways to actively practice good citizenship, including community service.

Writing: This week, students will choose which genre of writing they enjoyed the most and write a story from that genre.

Spelling: Help, fast, every, both, any, girl, through, outside

Grammar: We will be re-visiting different kinds of ending punctuation and applying it to our writing.

Science: We will explore the importance of water as a resource. Students will determine the difference between salt and freshwater, and understand the vast amount of salt water compared to fresh water on the earth.

Math: In math we will spend a week refreshing addition up to four digit numbers and subtraction with two digit numbers.