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Put First Things First...This Week @ Thousand Oaks

2/8-Jenae out AM, Candy off campus in the morning, spinal screenings, Faculty Advisory Committee meeting after school, maturation classes in evening

2/9-new teacher check in after school

2/10-Mai, Dretke, Conn, Toepperwein out AM for data debrief, Faculty meeting: team planning

2/11-Jenae off campus-Principals meeting, Bitlocker deployment, TELPAS rater training @ 3:20 in the library

2/12-Valentine's Day parties, early release day

Be Proactive...Morning Duty This Week

cafeteria: Hall

gym 1:Otero

gym 2:Bachhofer

Sharpen the Saw...Clubs this Monday




peer mediators



Bitlocker Deployment

Hello All Staff with a Teacher Laptop,

NEISD is in the process of updating the encryption program used on all teacher laptops. Here is important information you need:


BitLocker is an encryption tool for Windows. It will replace HP Protect Tools, also known as McAfee.

Deployment date for FEBRUARY 11, 2016. The purpose of the deployment is to remove HP Protect Tools/McAfee and install BitLocker. The hard drive will be re-encrypted and you will only have to log in once when your laptop is turned on.

On FEBRUARY 11, 2016 plan your lessons accordingly because you will not have your laptop to use instructional technology tools. If for any reason a laptop is needed, you will need to get a student laptop or Chromebook.

Backing Up Files on Your Hard Drive

The encryption process is very hard on the laptop hard drive. There is the possibility that a hard drive could crash. It is imperative that you back up all files saved on your laptop hard drive.

One tool to back up your files is called OneDrive.

Directions for using OneDrive can be found at: http://intranet.int.neisd.net/HelpDesk/Newcomputersetup.htm

Scroll down the list and look for the blue clouds.

All files must be backed up by FEBRUARY 11, 2016.

Turning in Your Laptop

All laptops will be turned in at THE OFFICE CONFERENCE ROOM no later than 7:45AM on February 11, 2016.

This is a secured room!

Use a sticky note to label your laptop with your NAME and ROOM NUMBER. Tape the sticky note to the top of the laptop.

Your laptop will be delivered to your room on FEBRUARY 11, 2016 after the encryption process has been completed.

Attendance on Bitlocker Deployment Day

Jennifer Schulze will put a roll sheet in your box to take attendance since you will not have your computer.

All Helpdesk Tickets and Troubleshooting

While the tech team is at THOUSAND OAKS completing the encryption process, all helpdesk tickets and other technology problems will be addressed. ·

Use the Google form to submit your technology issues. http://goo.gl/forms/JQ9lkNMOe4

Happy Birthday to you! February Birthdays

2/13-Lynnda Nerio and Jil Richter

2/15-Ashley Doty

2/17-Michelle Dardeau

2/27-Lisa Bachhofer

2/28-Jillian Cox

Begin with the End in Mind...Upcoming Events...

2/15-Student holiday/Staff development

2/17-Faculty meeting: RTI

2/18-Data team meeting @ 3:15, Leader in Me Night

2/19-Extended planning

2/22-Team Leader meeting after school, Magazine Fundraiser Kickoff!

2/23 &2/24-Early dismissal: STUDENT-LED CONFERENCES!

2/25-Jenae's coach is on campus in the morning

2/26- Pierette on campus all day meeting with SPED teachers


3/1-Read Across America

3/2-Visitors on campus for learning walkthroughs

3/3-Principal meeting, Heroes for Health Day

3/4-Jenae's coach on campus PM

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