New England Colonies For Sale

Haleigh White


  • Founder was John Winthrop and was founded in1630.
  • Massachusetts made money by fishing, mixed farming, and ship building.
  • Massachusetts had a corporate government then royal. The charter of Massachusetts Bay in 1629 was another way to establish self government in the English colonies.
  • In 1640 there was around 8,900 people settled there. A lot of Dutch and English people were the migrates.
  • The Indian tribes were the Wampanoag, the Mohican, etc. In 1675 there was King Philip's War made to drive out settlers.
  • Massachusetts's religion was Puritan.

New Hampshire

  • Founder was Captain John Mason and was founded in 1630.
  • New Hampshire made money by mixed farming and wheat.
  • New Hampshire had a corporate government then royal.
  • In 1640 there were around 1,100 migrates to New Hampshire. Mainly Englishmen migrated here.
  • The Indian tribes in New Hampshire were the Pennacook and the Abenaki tribes. There were no big conflicts between natives and settlers.
  • The religion was Puritan. There were no religious freedom.
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Rhode Island

  • Founder was Roger Williams and was founded in 1636.
  • Rhode Island made money by mixed farming.
  • Rhode Island was a self governed then corporate government. In 1663 the Rhode Island Royal Charter was established to provide a foundation for government.
  • In 1640 there were 300 migrates to Rhode Island. Migrates were mostly English.
  • The Indian tribes in Rhode Island were the Wampanoag, the Niantic, etc. The Peqout War in 1637 was to gain back land taken from the settlers. Most of the Indians were eventually wiped out or should as slaves.
  • The religion for Rhode Island was not established. Roger Williams and Anne Hutchinson were forced to move and then settled in Rhode Island because of there non-Puritan ways.
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  • Founder was Thomas Hooker and it was founded in 1636.
  • Connecticut made money by mixed farming.
  • Connecticut had a self-governed then corporate government. The Connecticut charter in 1662 was established for a foundation to a government.
  • In Connecticut there were around 1,500 migrates in 1640. A lot of western and northern Europeans migrated to Connecticut.
  • Indian tribes in Connecticut were there Pequot, the Mahican, the Nipmuc, etc. In 1637 was the Pequot War which also affected Connecticut.
  • The religion was Puritan.