Cody Gilbertson


Driving is all eyes on the road, hand(s) on the steering wheel, music not too loud, obeying the law, and doing the speed limit. “Karl Benz from the Germany was the first to design and crate the automobile in 1885/1886” (Library of congress 1). Karl Benz invented a three wheel vehicle; he also invented the “throttle system, spark plugs, modern automobile” (Lauren Cox 1). “According to Leonard Da Vinci had sketched a horseless, mechanized cart in the early 1500s. Like many of his designs, it wasn't built in his time” (Cox 1). In most states, you must be sixteen to attempt a driving (behind the wheel) test. You can be fifteen to go out for drivers Ed. As soon as you pass the test, you get a permit. A permit is a limited card that states you cannot drive alone. You must drive with someone over the age of eighteen or a family member. After a certain amount of hours driving, you are able to have a behind the wheel test. Driving is a privilege to certain people, but having a car means you need a job, to pay for the car (if you got a loan), the gas, and for the insurance bill you get every month.


Winter is the worst weather to drive in. Even with 4-wheel drive, Front wheel drive or all-wheel drive, you still could get into an accident. According to Weather.com “If your wheels start to spin left, turn your steering wheel left” (Weather.com 1). If your vehicle starts to slide, DO NOT hit the brakes. 60% of people hit their brakes when they start feeling their car sliding. When you hit the brakes while sliding, your brakes will lock up and you will go into the ditch. Stated by Weather.com “While sliding, apply brakes gently” (Weather.com 2). “When your wheels start sliding put either the clutch in (manual) or put into neutral, but don’t steer immediately” (Weather.com 1). Do not drive rear-wheel car/truck in the winter because you will and can get stuck or possibly end up in the ditch. Rain could be another weather to be safe in , because if you don’t have new or newish tires, your car/truck could catch a slippery spot and you could lose control. When it rains the visibility is reduced. If it’s storming, that’s another situation to drive safe in because it raining hard and lightning is bright and visibility is reduced.


GPS are not always right or accurate, if they are not updated they don’t have all roads, lakes, restaurants, etc.. GPS are not always the same. Stated by APC, “Red light camera information, or speed zones, different styles and levels of points of interest search” (APC 1). GPS don’t always take you the quickest routes either. You take a quick route you know and they’ll say “rerouting”, which people usually turn off, unless they don’t know where they are going. GPS could get you into a accident to. Since you have to take your eyes off the road to put direction in, that couple of seconds could be an accident. If you need to get to a place, do it at home and not on the road. Newer cars now days have built in GPS, which usually comes with a voice command. In that case you don’t have to take your eyes off the road, which could save a life.


“By definition an automobile or car is a wheeled vehicle that carries its own motor and transports passengers”(Automobile history 1). There are many types and brands of vehicles. Types of vehicles are: hybrid, diesel, gas, electric. Brands are: Chevrolet, Ford, Dodge, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Pontiac, etc… Personality is key to how people are looked at. If you’re a construction worker you’ll probably have a diesel, a business man probably a sporty car. People get real picky when I come’s to a car. If you’re a parent probably would like a minivan or some safe car for a baby. If your old maybe a Buick or old truck. If you’re young, probably anything that is cheap enough. Each year the dealerships are creating new and safer vehicles for people. “It is estimated that over 100,000 patents created the modern automobile” (Auto history 1).

Driving Rules

When driving there is a lot of rules that are meant to be followed by. In some states the speed limits differ, like in Wisconsin the interstate limit is 65, Minnesota is 75. “The rules you establish may cover a wide range of factors such as seat belts passengers, curfews, and dealing with distractions like cell phones” (Kids Health). Many people don’t wear seat belts because in some cases not wearing one is safer than wearing one. If you wear one and you roll your car and your seat belt is stuck what you do, if you’re not wearing one, yeah you’ll get hurt, but you can get out of the car. “It's wise to prohibit multitasking while behind the wheel, whether it's text messaging, making phone calls, or operating a GPS or MP3 player” (Kids Health).