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******The Interesting Titanic Fact’s. By: Hadley Waldron

At the time of her launch,the Royal Mail Steamer Titanic was the largest man made moving object on earth.
The Titanic cost 7.5 billion dollars to make.
****The Titanic’s wake was so huge that it sucked in another ship and almost caused a collision.
The Titanic featured an on board swimming pool,a gymnasium,a squash court,and a turkish bath and two separate libraries.The top speed was 26 miles per hour.
*****The first class ticket to New York was 4,500-to about 69,00 a day.
The first class smoking lounge was for men only.
Many of the first class female passengers left the titanic still dressed in their silk evening gowns they wore to dinner.There was a new renault car that was part of the titanic’s cargo.
The titanic was stocked with 20,000 beer’s,1,500 wines and 8,000 cigars for all the first class passengers.The last dinner served in the first class saloon consisted of eleven courses.

****First class passengers were given copies of the White Star Music book containing 352 songs so they could make a request and the musicians had to know every song.

About 60% of the first class passengers survived.
Most third class cabin’s contain 4 to 6 bunks.
*****The third class passengers could hear the loud roar of the ships engines all the time.
Only two bath tubs were available for more than 700 third class passengers one for men and one for women.About 42% of the second class survived.About 25% third class survived.I got my recourses

The Jordan Creek Mall

Jordan Creek Mall, A great mall for a quiet visited place. Mall was made on Aug. 4th 2004. It is one of the largest malls in theater, and many more things.

This is the Jordan Creek Mall at night, it is such a beautiful sight to just watch at night.
They have many restaurants such as, The Cheesecake factory and Wendys and many other fast foods areas nearby. It also has many stores such as, The nike Factory, Wet Seal and many more. Besides from the restaurants and malls there is also hotels nearby. Such as Residence inn,courtyard hotel.
When you want to go to the Jordan Creek Mall you might get lost in the giant mall so you can down download the Jordan Creek Mall app. The best part about the mall is
the great deals that stores have or just the size of the mall to walk around and enjoy your day, you can always have fun at the Jordan Creek Mall.

Jordan Creek Mall

This is the Jordan Creek Mall at night


He is the youngest of his 5 older siblings-Poseidon god of the seas-Haden god of death of the underworld.Hestia goddess of the Hearth-Hera goddess of females and marriage-
and the final goddess Demeter the goddess of grain and crops.

All his siblings were eaten by his cruel father Cronos the king of the Titans but Zeus’s mother Rhea gave Cronus a rock instead of Zeus she hid him with the tree spirits later Zeus used a mustard and wine mix to make cronon throw up his sibling and together they overtook Cronosand became the king of the gods!!! Zeus married his sister Hera but always got in to side relationships with mortals and thats how gods and goddesses like Apollo and Artemis

His weapon the Master bolt Could destroy the whole world. On
This article is by William Moreland,

Heath of Video Games

The health effect of video games.

There are positive and negative affect playing video games. The positive effect of playing video games is that it destrack the hurt. It also improve hand to eye coordination. The other one is if you give a hand held game to an 8 year boy with scare he will stop pi effect are hallucinations but that is very rare.

There are other like hand-arm vibration syndrome, neck pain, elbow pain, wrist pain, enuresis, encopresis, tenosynovitis, repetitive strain injuries, peripheral and neuropathy are cause by playing video games. video games also affect the circulatory system.

All games can make you heart beat faster but it depend on the kind of game that how fast your heart will beat than normal but your systolic and diastolic blood pressure will go down. Violent games make you more aggressive. If you play too much video games you will gain weight. If you get seizures do not play video games if you do you can get a seizures in five minutes.(Made by:Brian)

The U.S. Marines by Jackson Parkhurst.

The U.S. marines are the first to go any where at short notice.After the 9-11 terror attack they went to iraq and afghanistan to take action.more than 1,000 deaths in afghanistan have been reported.the marines symbol is the eagle-the world-and the anchor.The marines mostly attack at night.they use many weapons like the m4a1-m14 sniper rifle-m16a4-mp5-etc..............this pic is when they’re storming a beach in iraq.

the marines honor their code the few the proud the marines.The marines can insert by the C-130.the marines train really hard so they can go to wherever

whenever.the marines are the worlds first fighting force.there always on the move.they never stop working.marines use many armed vehicles.