Natural Gas

Jose Hernandez

Is it Renewable?

Natural Gas is important because it powers most of our transportation. If it was not for Natural Gas there would be no shiping goods no food and other stuff that is from other places. But we could run out of this Natural Gas and now that would be bad and the problem is that Natural Gas is Non-Reanewable.

Where is it Found?

Natral Gas can be found anywhere on earth as long as you look for it. As you will see on this video. In order to get this Natural Gas you must mine wells.
Series - Part 1: Oil and gas - Million year-old treasures beneath the earth

How does Gas work

Well Natural Gas is very similar to oil and as we all know oil is burned. But Natural Gas is not oil what it is, is just Fosil Fuel which is the remains of animals and plants from 100ds of years ago. The main thing that makes up this gas is Methane. So you burn this gas to make energy.

Uses for Natural Gas

Natural Gas ca heat many homes also cools down houses you could also use it cooking. This is posible because Natural Gas burns cleanerthan other gases. And becase it burns cleaner companies have made cars buses trucks to reduce emitions. Which is good because it means les pollution.

Who uses this gas

Anyone can use this gas because you might have it for cooking. Your car might be powered by some sort of Natural Gas your ac might use Natural Gas and your Heaters to so antone can use Natural Gas.


Natural Gas is cheap which is just over 3 dollars