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I hope you all had a great vacation! I am excited for the rest of the year and for things to come. I have been asked by Gary to help with some very specific duties in Mrs. Heersink’s absence. I will be managing IT and be working with the Studio Teachers and the implementation of the UDL modules. I still will be performing my duties as the Technology Education Lead as well.

We are progressing as a district through the introduction of the UDL framework. By no means are we all “experts” now. I know many of us are asking, “So what does this look like?” and “Now what?” I want to remind everyone that starting new practices takes time. Each and everyone of you are at different stages of your careers, lives and have varying philosophies. Some are ready to jump right in, others may not want to even approach the edge of the pool! I myself have always watched others, learned and then acted. The UDL mindset and the process of looking at educational practices are exactly the same. It takes introduction, training, examples, practice, implementation and review.

I am currently this month working with the BLTT group to work on how blended learning and UDL fit together. We will then be working with the Studio Teachers as a group. Moving forward, I hope to create a bank of videos and support materials that represent UDL examples in the classroom and during planning. I have asked the BLTT group to engage in this professional development that is embedded in this link. In the effort of transparency, you are all able to take a look at my mind set, my training methods and what direction we are taking. The immediate goal is that the BLTT group will create various PD’s that cover examples or the first four modules of the UDL process.

In other news, IT has released a communication chart and the process of what will happen after you enter a ticket. My personal goal is accountability, organization and customer service. I know that these are the goals of the IT staff as well. If you have any questions please contact me.


1. Using email or the ticket portal, please send in your IT request,



2. When entered give as much info as possible

-frist, last name



-Issue (As specific as possible)

3. You should get an response that you entered a ticket

4. YOU WILL BE ASSIGNED AND AGENT! This means either Drew, Tylor or Sandy will be ASSIGNED TO YOUR NEED (admin also gets this email from the system)

5.The AGENT should contact you directly within 3 working days.

6. They need to continue to communicate every 3-5 days until the problem is resolved, then close the ticket.

7. Each agent will be responsible to their assigned staff and tickets and thus a chain of accountability and support can be implemented.

Remember in the dull days of winter, get exercise, watch a movie with the family, enjoy life. We owe it to our students, and community to make the time at school the best it can be for those we are in care of. We pick our attitude, and our effort. We can’t control outside forces, neither can our students. We wish outside forces had no impact on us, or were easy to fix, so do our students. Remember, WE are an uncontrollable outside force to our students. My goal is to try to stay consistent for you, so you can be your best for them! You all work so hard. If I can help you in any way do not hesitate to contact me.


Travis Rush