New York Colony!

"The Duke's Favorite Colony"

Beautiful Geography!

The New York colony is beautifully located between the Atlantic Coast and the Great Lakes. This land is very good for farming and if you're looking for a place to vacation and relax just head North to the mountains!
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The religious aspects of the people in the colony accept anyone so you can be free to do your own practices whenever you like! The Quakers, Catholics, Lutherans, and Jews make up the major part of religion in this colony.
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Economics of York!

The economics here are booming! Crop yield here is amazing and very successful with the many acres of farmland at your disposal! Your life can be set today if you come here because anyone can make a second chance in their life here.
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Lastly The Government

Even after all this amazing information there is still more! Coming to the New York Colony means that you will be governed by the best and brightest hand picked officials. These great men that lead over you will help to make your communities thrive and have a peaceful existence in the colony!
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We Need You!

The New York Colony needs you to join its population so you can help it to thrive! They want you to be a part of this wonderful, religion free, economically bursting, Geographically beautiful colony! Join us today!