How to Use Parent Portal

RMS Title 1 Parent Training February 2022

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  1. What is the CCPS Parent Portal?
  2. How do I sign up?
  3. Set up procedures, tools, preferences
  4. How to review and update information
  5. Training Sign In and Evaluation
  6. Title 1 Handouts

What is Parent Portal?

Infinite Campus Parent Portal is the most frequently used software in Catoosa County Schools. Parents and students use this website and app to access student grades, review attendance and absences, and more. The parent portal site and app provides a connection to help keep everyone engaged with activities and events in the classroom.

Parent Portal Provides:

-Access to student grades

-Review attendance and absences

-See assignments due or upcoming exams

-Receive notifications for School/District Announcements

-View Lunchroom information regarding Cafeteria Balance

-Read your student’s schedules and reports

How do I sign up?

How do I sign up for the Parent Portal?

If you have an account, please set up your username and password. The links below will help you. If you need assistance, please contact the school administrator to reset.

If you do not have an account, click the "User Guidelines & System Requirements" link below to print and complete an application and then send in to the schools administrator. Once the application is approved, you will receive a key (access code) which will help you set up a username and password.

You will then need to go to this link to sign in:

Set Up Procedures and Preferences

The Campus Parent Portal is designed specifically for parents and is optimized for use on mobile devices and tablets.

In the Campus Parent Portal, navigate between tools in the menu on the left. On mobile devices, this menu shrinks to a "hamburger" or "three bars" icon to save space.

Click the user icon in the top right to view Notification Settings.

Account settings allow users to update their security email on record or to change their Password and E-Signature PIN.
  • The Account Security Email is the email used if a user forgets their username or password.
  • Passwords can only be modified if the district has enabled Password Reset. Strong passwords are enforced, meaning that passwords should have a mix of letters, number, and characters to make them more secure.
  • E-Signature PINs are used to electronically verify and sign Meal Benefit Applications. This field is only available if enabled by the district.

Notification settings allow users to opt out of receiving specific kinds of notifications and establish thresholds for those they want to receive. Set thresholds to only receive notifications when a grade or score falls below the selected percentage or a lunch balance falls below the selected dollar amount. Click the arrows to change the threshold or click and drag the dot.

Notifications are not sent for any tools that have been disabled by the district. Only districts using Campus Food Service receive low balance notifications.

Tools Available in Parent Portal


The Attendance tool lists the absences and tardies for attendance taking periods in the selected term. Navigate between terms using the options at the top.

Click on a period to view details. On the detail view, absences and tardies are divided by type (excused, unexcused, exempt, or unknown), with all absences and tardies listed below.

When attendance is recorded via present minutes, this attendance screen displays the total Present Time and Expected Time by section. Click on a section to view the Time In, Time Out, and Present Time recorded by date.

The display of attendance has been localized for Kentucky.


The Assignments tool collects all of a student's assignments with the focus on today. Click assignments to view details and scroll to see previous and future assignments.

Use the Missing and Current Term buttons at the top to filter assignments


The Grades tool shows all of the grades earned by the selected student for all tasks (such as Trimester or Semester grades) and standards. Posted grades are displayed in bold, with In-Progress grades indicated as "In-progress." The student's Cumulative GPA also displays at the top of the Grades tab if enabled.

Show grades for a single term or for the whole year by selecting an option at the top. Expand the Settings menu to Hide dropped courses, Hide rows without grades or assignments, or expand or collapse all courses.

Where the grey arrow displays for a task or standard, click the task to view the Categories that contribute to the grade. Expand categories to view all included assignments. Click assignments to view details.

Grades that are part of a composite or rollup grading setup are indicated.

Grade Book Updates

Grade Book Updates lists all of the assignments that have been scored or otherwise updated in the last 14 days.

Click on the assignment or the course name to view details.

How to Update my Information in my existing Parent Portal account?

It is very important for you to keep your Parent Portal information up to date. Catoosa county uses the portal for schoolcast texts, broadcast emails, emergency contacts, and more.

Please make sure all information listed is current.

To update family information on the Parent Portal application:

  • Locate the menu under the Message Center and click on “More” located at the bottom of the list
  • Click on “Address Information” and make sure the address listed is your current address (If you address needs to be updated please contact your child’s school)
  • Verify the main household phone number and update if necessary
  • Click on “Back” to return to the main menu
  • Next, click on “Family Information” and review the email and phone numbers for each member of the household and update if necessary
  • Be sure and click on “save” if any updates are made
  • Finally, review “Emergency Contacts.” If any updates are necessary in this section please contact your child’s school

To update personal information:

  • Click on the person icon in the top right corner
  • Click “Contact Preferences” (from here you can update cell phone, work phone, primary and secondary emails, etc)
  • Log off when you are finished updating your settings

Sign In & Evaluation

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Title 1 Handouts-Paper copies available upon request