March 30 , 2015


March 28 & 29 Building accessibly 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Mar. 30 - STAAR 4th Writing Day 1 - no volunteers or visitors

Mar. 31 - STAAR 4th Writing Day 2 - no volunteers or visitors

Mar. 31 - STAAR 5th Reading - no volunteers

Apr. 1 - STAAR make-up - no volunteers or visitors

Apr. 2 - STAAR make-up - no volunteers or visitors

Apr. 7 - Baby Shower forTiffany Floyd - 3:00 p.m. library ( see this issue of the Update for Invitation.)

Apr. 14 - Tech Tuesday - Lisa's room( brief/ immediately after faculty meeting )

Apr. 18 - On Saturday, April 18, GCISD will host the second-annual Rachel's Challenge Rally at Mustang Panther Stadium from 8 - 11 a.m. There is an optional 1-mile fun run that begins at 8 a.m. The PTA will be gathering a BES a team to run in the event. There is a traveling trophy for the team who registers the most runners. The community expo opens at 8 as well. Attendance is free and there will be door prizes given throughout the morning. We will also have some exciting guests in attendance! Please make plans to attend this event and wear either a Rachel's Challenge or campus t-shirt to represent our school! (There is a jeans pass and entry into a BES staff door prize for all who attend.)

May 5 - Tech Tuesday - 3:15 - Lisa's room


Tamela thinks that Tangy, Nancy k., Nancy C., Becca, Joelle and Jennifer are super teachers and would like to recognize them because "they ROCK!!!". Each one of these special ladies bring a "special" touch t our special education team. Tamela is so thankful to know and work with each of these team members.

Sarah thinks that Tonya is a terrific test coordinator. She puts in countless hours making sure that all of us know what to do. thanks to Tonya she is the BEST!!!

Tamela thinks that Becca is a super teacher. Becca took Tamela's morning duty after Tamela has been out with Bronchitis. Thanks, Becca!

Tamela thinks that Joelle is an awesome team player. Joelle stepped in while Tamela was absent and helped a student at lunch. Thanks to Joelle for her flexibility.

Nancy K. thinks that Joelle is an awesome team player. Joelle is great with the kids! Joelle continually asks (appropriately) questions to learn more about working with the kids. Joelle is eager to be a team player and she has high expectations for herself.

Nancy C. thinks that Becca & Joelle are awesome. they always jump right in and hit the ground running - great job ladies.


On March 30 &31 we will be administering the following STAAR Tests.

4th /writing day 1 - 30th

4th/writing day 2 - 31st

5th/ reading - 31st

make-up days as needed April 1 & 2

  • Please remember we cannot have any volunteers or visitors in the building on these days.
  • If you have a recess scheduled, you need to utilize the fitness center until you hear the announcement that "testing has been completed for the day".
  • The library will be closed until testing is completed each day.
  • We will not have specials for grades 3-5 on March 30 or 31.

Check out this article

I have recently had the opportunity to attend a digital training lead by Alan November. I think you will be interested in his latest article - let me know if the link below does not work.

FYI....Review of Current USDA guidelines for food served in school...Your input is requested.


The USDA requires that all foods sold at school to students – including fund-raisers – comply with Smart Snack guidelines. Currently no days are exempt from these guidelines. The Texas Department of Agriculture has recently drafted a proposal to allow up to 6 exempt days (to be determined by each campus administration) to sell non-compliant foods and beverages to students. The comment period for this proposal began March 13 and will continue for 30 days.

• Visit to view the full


• Submit comments to


The sale of food items that meet nutrition requirements at fund-raisers are not limited in

any way under the standards. The standards do not apply during non-school hours or on weekends. School day is defined as midnight to 30 minutes after the last school bell.

For more information and a list of some Smart Snack compliant foods sold by GCISD Nutrition Services, please visit

For questions regarding food for sale at your event, please contact:

• Julie Telesca, Director of Nutrition Services, 817-251-5615,

• Eric Lozano, Assistant Director of Nutrition Services, 817-251-6916,

• Leigh Anne Critzer, Dietitian, 817-251-5616,

How do the new standards affect holiday parties and birthday celebrations?

The district’s wellness policy addresses foods given away during the school day. The policy

allows 5 days per year for holiday/event parties. Each campus is permitted to determine the dates for these 5 days. Birthday celebrations remain a campus-based decision, but may not be conducted in the cafeteria while meals are being served. To view the complete wellness policy,


What are the requirements of the USDA Smart Snack regulations?

The USDA Smart Snack is required by the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010, which

provides for schools to offer healthier snack foods to children.

Nutrition standards (any food sold in schools must):

• Be a “whole-grain rich” grain product; or

• The first ingredient is a fruit, vegetable, dairy product, or protein; or

• Be a combination food that contains at least 1⁄4 cup of fruit and/or vegetable; or

• Contains 10% of the daily value of one of the nutrients of public health concern in the

2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans (For more details visit:

Foods also must meet several nutrients requirements:

Calorie limits:

• Snack items – less than 200 calories

• Entrée items – less than 350 calories

Sodium limits:

• Snack items – less than 230 mg

• Entrée items – less than 480 mg

Fat limits:

• Total fat – less than 35% of calories

• Saturated fat – less than 10% of calories

• Trans fat – zero

Sugar limit:

• Less than 35% of weight from total sugars in foods

What type of beverages may be served at the elementary and middle schools under the USDA Smart Snacks?

• Elementary schools may sell up to 8 fl. oz. portions of fat free milk and 100% fruit juice and vegetable juice.

• Middle schools may sell up to 12 fl. oz. portions of fat free milk and 100% fruit and vegetable juice.

• No limit on portion size for water

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