Cherished possesions

Texas Performance Standards Project

Whats your most cherished possession is? (age 40-60) My mom

My most cherished possession would be my family photo album. My family photo album is filled with memories that brings me love and happiness from the past. My family pictures brings me memories that will lat forever. Looking back at how captured these pictures brings me joy that i would never get rid of.

Whats your most cherished possession is? (age 70 or higher) My Grandma

My most cherished possession is


My grandma most cherished item is a a saint statue that she had ever since she she was little it was pasted on from her mother. It has a special place in her heart especially ever since her loving mom passed away.

three of my cherished items

The three things that i couldn't live without is my phone , my V.I.P pass to August Alsina concert pass , and a picture of me and my niece each one of these items it brings joy to my heart and lighten my day whenever i look at it.