Final Test Review

opportunity for extra credit!

What were the causes that led to the French Revolution?

•bread price raises

•poor gov. decisions


•financial strain

Three Estates and Role played in Revolution

1) clergy: Bishops, Priests, Monks, Nuns (scorned ALL enlightenment ideas)

2) nobility: Royal family, nobles, robe nobles (disagree with certain enlightenment ideas)

3) merchants, peasants, craftsmen (poor treatment, lowest class)

Important People and Terms

Zionism- creating Jewish homeland in Palestine

Stalin's Five-Year Plan

-rapid industrial growth

-quotas for coal and steel

-if you don't work you are killed

-no choice but to work

-production goes up

Important People

Newton: discovered laws of motion and gravity

Bacon: scientific method

Kepler: planetary motion

Copernicus: Copernican theory

Watt: steam engine

Arkwright: water frame

Whitney: cotton gin

Bessemer: manufactures steel

Locke: idea of natural rights (everyone is born with rights)

Voltaire: freedom of religion and speech

L'Overture: leader of slave uprising

Bolivar: military general

San Martin: fought against Napoleon

Stalin: USSR leader

Hitler: German, holocaust

Winston Churchill: iron curtain

FDR: U.S. President

Ghandi: independence for India with peace