Friendship Party Details and Newsletter

Our Friendship Party Will Be Held

Friday February 12th At 2 p.m.

Party Details...

Our party will be held this Friday instead of Thursday.

I will provide the refreshments.

We ill need the students to provide a sweet/non-sweet treat to share (24 students).

Please have treats to school by Thursday so that I may know what we have and what I need to purchase.

Valentine Cards...

  • Students will provide a card for each student (24 Students)
  • Class list will not be provided. Please have your student sign his or name on their card.
  • If you need a set of cards please send me a note I have cards that I can send home if needed.

The Day Of....

We will be celebrating friendship all day with a variety of activities, there will be a lot of moving and changes in our daily schedule, therefor we will not need parent support, it would be difficult to provide you with an exact time.


2/9 - Parmis

Reagan 2/10

Ryan -2/11

Tai-nayjhah - 2/15

Trinity 2/16

Zion 2/17