Welcome to US History I & II

Mrs. Clendenin and Mr. Hudson Room 314 6th and 7th Grade

A Little Bit About Your Teachers...

A Little Bit About The Class:

6th Grade will study Early American History through the Civil War this year.

7th Grade will study Reconstruction through Modern America this year.

We will aim to include approximately 3 projects per semester!

We will have a variety of activities, collaborative opportunities, reading, writing, quizzes and tests for each unit of study.

Getting To Know You:

Julie Andrews - Getting to know you


Here's what you need to have...

1. I am asking that you bring a 1 subject spiral notebook to class each day. We will be building an interactive notebook over the course of the semester and you need to have a notebook just for this class!

2. Blue or Black Ink Pens

3. #2 Pencils

4. Post-It Notes

5. ***Suggested...NOT MANDATORY...Colored Pencils, Washable Markers, Glue Sticks

Behavior Expectations...

  • Get all necessary supplies out and ready prior to the late bell.
  • Be in your seat and working on the daily warm up by the ringing of the late bell.
  • Be respectful towards others. Use kind words and actions.
  • Be on task. Participate, Focus, Collaborate.
  • Raise your hand when you need assistance, want to join in on discussion, or have a question.
  • Be a team player! Be Positive!

What Is History?

Shoulder Partner Discussion...

Turn to the person next to you and discuss the meaning of the question "What is History?" according to you.
Evolution of Dance

Does this video show evidence of History?

Discuss with your whole table:

Work as a whole group to discuss the following:

1. Does this video show evidence of History?

2. Why or why not? Provide specific reasons!!!!

3. Record your answer on one slip of paper.

Human Timeline Activity...

1. Teacher will distribute a card with a major historical event from US History to each student.

2. Students will stand up, push in chairs, and move any objects off of the floor to prevent tripping or falling.

3. Students will work as a team to correctly line up in order from earliest event to latest event in a timed activity!

Descendants Soundtrack: 8. Believe