Come to our Coca-Cola Robot Wars!

Supporting the Susan G Komen Charity

What's there?

  • Robot Wars!
  • Fundraiser for Susan G Komen Charity
  • Concessions that include: Food, Hoodies, Drinks, T-Shirts, and Souvenirs
  • Anyone can come and participate! ( Need robot though)
  • Reward for winning is $1000 Visa Gift Card
  • Can take pictures with the robots
  • Sponsors are: Coca-Cola, Pizza Hut, Apple

Coca-Cola Robot Wars

Saturday, June 25th, 5pm

2250 Seymour Avenue

Cincinnati, OH

To recap! Come and Support the Susan G Komen Charity!

Last Thing...

The main attraction for the event is the Coca-Cola Robot Wars! It will be held in an arena. Competitors will receive their number and will be on stage when their number is called. The finalists will compete together and the winner will receive a $1,000 visa gift card from Susan G Komen. Robots can be of any shape and size. Damages to robots are at the owner’s risk.