Tim Kaine

by: Connor Warren

Keystone Pipeline

Pros: Brings more jobs and could lead to a small scale "economic boom".

Cons: Crude oil is toxic for the environment and increases the severity of our carbon footprint.

Raising the minimum wage

Pros: People working at minimum wage will have more economic stability, be more productive at work, and the increased wages will in turn increase consumer spending.

Cons: Should cause unemployment, and inflation.

Tim Kaine Biography

Kaine is a democrat who was the mayor of Richmond from 1998-2001, governor of Virginia from 2006-2010, and is currently in the US senate.

Hometown: Kansas City.

Education: Harvard.

Time Kaine's stance on issues.


Blames Bush for the national debt.

Proponent of equality for women.

Believes that people are being incarcerated too frequently.

Proponent of environmental conservation.

Tim Kaine's views on....

The Keystone Pipeline: Opposes the Keystone Pipeline and believes that gas is more environmental friendly and efficient. He believes that tar sands oil should be used as little as possible.

Raising the Minimum Wage: Although he supports the decision to raise the minimum wage, he expects it to be opposed by businesses, etc.


Kaine is up for reelection in 2018, and will more than likely not have to worry about having to use the Keystone Pipeline, or the minimum wage debate as a platform, as those should blow over with time.