FCE Counselor Newsletter

1st Quarter 2021-2022

School Counseling Services

Counselors are essential educators and mental health professionals in the school system. We are growing graduates by teaching educational, career, personal, and social development at all ages!

Great 8 Skills for Daily Living: Optimistic Thinking

A child's attitude of confidence, hopefulness, and positive thinking regarding herself/himself and her/his life situations in the past, present, and future.

Optimistic Thinking Classroom Guidance

Student "I can" Statements:

  • Carry herself/himself with confidence

  • Say good things about herself/himself

  • Speak about positive things

  • Look forward to classes or activities at school

  • Say good things about his/her classmates

  • Say good things about the future

  • Express high expectations for himself/herself

Great 8 Skills at Home

For more information on Social and Emotional Learning at Home, visit Aperture Education SEL Tips & Tools.

1:1 Meetings

Counselors will begin meeting individually with every student at FCE for personalized counseling. 1:1 meetings.

No Place for Hate

This quarter we're inviting students and families to sign our Resolution of Respect! Click here to view our resolution and be a part of our community of kindness.

Take Time for a Mindful Minute

College, Career, & Life Readiness

Career Exploration

PAWS in Jobland: Use the district access code AK01773.

Students go to the website and click on Jobland. In Jobland, students can choose buildings and careers to explore.

  • What are some of the careers in the building?

  • Did you find any jobs that interest you?

  • If so, what did you like about them? If not, what did you not like about them?

WittyWe: Students can explore different Career Clusters and learn more about the areas that interest them.

Are You Ready for College?

College Spotlight

This quarter we are spotlighting The University of Texas at Austin. Click here to schedule an online tour of the UT campus. To learn more about The University of Texas and what they have to offer, click here.

U.S. Armed Forces Spotlight

This quarter we are spotlighting the Army National Guard. Click here to explore National Guard career options.

Community Resources

School Counseling Services

Individual Counseling

The purpose of individual counseling is to support students with concerns that may arise while at school. Students, teachers, and parents can request for the student to meet with one of us during the school day. During our time with the student we provide a safe space to discuss their feelings and develop stategies to help them work through those feelings.

Small Group Counseling

The purpose of small groups is to bring students with similar needs or concerns together to share, problem solve, and connect with their peers to enhance their social and emotional development.

If you need to contact the counselor, here's now......

Mrs. Jean's Contact Information

(281) 641-3445


Twitter: @MrsJean_fce

Mrs. Baba's Contact Information

(281) 641-3407


Twitter: @Baba_FCEcounsel