Bass River Scoop

Fall Edition

Run For The Fallen

By Riley

Run For The Fallen is a run to honor soldiers who died fighting the global war on terror. Soldiers from Joint Base McGuire Dix run from Cape May to Holmdel, honoring a soldier every mile. It starts September 20th and ends September 24th. There are hero markers, where they stop to honor a soldier. The hero marker at our school is for Phillip Spakosky. He died in Baghdad. He was only 25 years old. This year was the 9th year of the run.

The PTO bought flags for everyone to hold and wave. In Art, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th grades made banners for everyone to hold as well. When they ran through, Lily Mulligan, Mr. Sprague, and I held the flag. They ran through the entrance while everyone chanted, “USA! USA! USA!” Everyone was gleeful and excited. The runners gave everyone high-fives. I was very honored to hold the flag, and seeing the runners was awesome. It was a very incredible day.

A Flight to Remember

By John

On September 28, 2017, Bass River Elementary had their 2nd Annual Butterfly Release. All students K-3rd got to be apart of the event. All from kids the school got to meet at the school garden to watch the butterfly release. This event was about the monarch butterflies taking their journey to Mexico where they would make their own new life there.The staff that hosted this event were Mrs. Nino, Mrs.Callan, Mrs. Gouveia, and Dr. Kern. The 3rd graders got to read a poem by Ms.P about the butterflies, too. The kids got to dress up like the stages that butterflies go through depending on their grade. Kindergarten was the eggs of the caterpillar, 1st was the caterpillar, 2nd was the pupa, or chrysalis, and 3rd was the monarch butterflies. There was a parade with the kids standing in order by stages. Kindergarten,1st, and 2nd got to take care of the butterflies. Lots of parents were there, too. The releasing of the butterfly was the best part in my opinion. One by each butterfly flew south to Mexico. Each butterfly will make their own new life in Mexico. Thank you to all staff and students that were a part of this and we hope you do the 3rd annual release next year. Thank you so much!

Dr. Kern

By Alexis

Everyone wants to know more about our new principal, Dr. Kern. I interviewed him and found out more about him.

He likes to ride bikes. He likes hanging out with his family. His favorite color is blue. Awesome color, right?

Dr. Kern was the superintendent (that means we was in charge of EVERYONE) at Pinelands for many years before retiring. He is our principal and superintendent this year until we get a new one.

He said you can tell he loves this awesome school. He wants everyone to be happy and smile. Everyone loves our new principal, Dr. Kern.

The New Hit, Mr. Mulligan

By Breonna & Heather

What made Mr. Mulligan want to come to this school is the small local community and the enthusiasm of the students. Mr. Mulligan wanted to become a P. E. teacher because of the passion for physical activity of P. E. and health. Also, he wants to share knowledge with students so they can live a healthy and active lifestyle.

His favorite part of school is the students. Mr. Mulligan’s favorite part of P. E. is everything and that he is able to interact with the students. What made Mr. Mulligan want to move in New Gretna was to make a difference in the community with P. E.

Friendship is what Mr. Mulligan loved most about school. Friendship is very important to him. His favorite subject in school was history. As a kid, he liked to play baseball and he is a coach now. Mr. Mulligan is 32 years old. He has a wife named Nicole and they have no kids. He lives in Little Egg Harbor and he has been a teacher for 4 years. Mr. Mulligan has 2 dogs.

We hope you like the school, Mr. Mulligan!

The Growing Season

By A.J. and Sarah

Thanks to the PTO, we had a Flower Sale. There were several colors of mums. There were hanging baskets and regular baskets. There were three types of hanging baskets and seven types of regular baskets. The flowers were five dollars. They also had other little things. They had hay bales, Halloween decorations and much more! There was small scarecrows, and little gourds. There were corn stalks for $6 dollars, large hay bales for $6, small hay bales for $4.50,hanging mum baskets for $11, and asters for $5.

The prices were pretty cheap and the flowers were well grown! Be sure to water them so they grow! All of the volunteers were very helpful and sweet! If you need a gift to give anyone in the family, then I recommend getting flowers for them! The sale made $944 and sold 350 mums! Thanks to the PTO for making more money for the school!

Who is Mrs. Albertson?

By: Ava

You are probably wondering who Mrs. Albertson is. Well, it was Ms. Pitta, but she got married! She got married on a cruise in the Bahamas. It was a beach themed wedding. Her wedding was on July 18, 2017.

Mrs. Albertson did not invite any kids, but it was a wedding, so I do not blame her. There was a total of 17 people on the cruise with her. They were all friends and family.

When I asked her if she was planning on moving she strongly said no. She loves her job and she claims she absolutely loves kindergarten. She actually just bought a house nearby. The last question I asked her was if she wanted children. She said that she wanted children in the future. Mrs. Albertson has good plans ahead of her and she should keep going in her direction.