November 16, 2017

Cherrydale update!

Thank you to all of the families that participated. The order has been sent but we are sending a supplement order next week. Therefore, please send in your orders if you have not done so yet.

Here are the top 8 sellers and participants in our Limo Lunch:

Bochael Jean-Paul $1,332.50

Lily Searcy $1,209.50

Anaylah Popote $634.00

Alanna Moore $512.00

Andre Payen $428.50

Chesley Gachette $413.00

Jayden Louis Charles $390.00

Joshua Carias $380.00

It is interesting to note that 5 out of the top 8 sellers are 4th grade students. Way to go 4th grade and thank you to all of our top sellers.

All students who sold 10 or more items will be invited to on a special field trip to the Ninja Lounge, along with lunch at Ceci's pizza. More info will follow.

The prizes will come backed with the items when they arrive in December.

Thank you to everyone who helped with this, and especially our PTL parents who added up and double checked all of the orders.


Flyer is attached. The rummage sale is from 8AM until 2PM. You can come and shop and also rent a table to sell your own items. Please see Mrs. Noel if you are interested. All proceeds benefit our church youth department. COME AND SHOP!!

Early Childhood Thanksgiving Program

All students in PK2, PK3, K4 and K5 will be part of our special annual Thanksgiving Program, to take place next Tuesday beginning at 9AM in the church. PARENTS, YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS, so make arrangements NOW. Your children will be little for such a short time. Do not miss any of their special events.

Picking kids up from school early

We strongly discourage you picking your children up from school early unless you have an appointment that cannot be scheduled at any other time, or a true emergency. However, please note that we cannot dismiss any student from school it is 30 minutes or less from the dismissal time. Please also note that when you come in to pick up your child early, the child could be anywhere on our property and it takes time to locate the child, pick up belongings, etc. Unless you call in advance, be prepared to wait. There is too much going on in the last 30 minutes of the day for a teacher to drop everything and get a child prepared to leave. If there truly is an urgent matter, please call the school office well in advance and we will have the child waiting for you in the office. This should be a very rare happening.

Christmas Program, mark your calendar now

3rd through 8th grade Tuesday, December 12

PK through 2nd grade Tuesday, December 19

Both programs start at 7PM. All students are expected to participate. These are not drop off events so please plan on staying and watching. They are performing for YOU and to the glory of God.

City of North Miami Tree Lighting

On Wednesday November 29th, students in K through 8th grade, Praise group and Elementary Sign Language will be performing at the Tree Lighting. Students need to meet at the outdoor area in front of North Miami City Hall by 6:15PM, dressed in long blue jeans and their new burgundy shirt. They may wear some type of a Santa or Christmas cap if desired.The event will begin at 6:30PM and should not last more than one hour. This is a great family event. Santa is usually there. We had a great turn out last year and I hope for even a better one this year.

Uniform issues

Parents, if Sunshine-wear owes you any outstanding items, please email me your child's name and exactly what is missing. I want to assure you that we WILL NOT be using this company next year and I cannot apologize enough on behalf of our school. We have never had such problems before and we never will again.

All School Chapel next Wednesday

Because we are having awards, we will be in the auditorium. Parents who are coming may sit in any chair on the side. Please come if your child is getting an award. Please remember to send your child with a small offering on chapel days. It is important to instill the habit of giving back to our students.

Band classes will meet next Wednesday

Even though it is early release, band classes will begin at 1PM instead of 3:15, so adjust your child's class times back 1 hour and 15 minutes. Please remember to send the instrument. If you choose to pick your child up early, just note that there will not be a makeup for this class.

Cosplay Club is has begun.

We have space for two more club members. Please see Mr. Harden if interested. 5th thru 8th grade only.

Cold Weather Jacket and Sweater Policy

If you review our dress code, you will see that students in K through 8th grade may wear sweaters and jackets that are SOLID COLORED Navy, Black, White or Gray ONLY. If your child does not have such a sweater or jacket, please obtain one over the weekend.

Or if you prefer, you can order a sweatshirt from Sunshine. My understanding is that these are now in stock and are shipping.


Sweatpants ARE NOT part of school uniform. They may be worn to school ON PE DAYS ONLY if the weather is cold. Every student should have a pair of long pants.

Girls may wear tights to school ON COLD DAYS under their jumpers or skorts.

A cold day is defined as temperature below 60 degrees before school. However, please keep an eye of the weather prediction because it can quickly heat up to high 70's and then your child may get too hot.

Orange Bowl Art Competition

I hope that some our artists are getting their art ready for the orange bowl art contest. The information is included below and the deadline is coming near.

Coming up next week

Monday-Boys and Girls Varsity Practice 3:30-5:30, Girls JV Practice 3:30-5:30

Tuesday - Middle school sign language, Pee Wee cheerleading

Wednesday - All School Chapel, early release

Wednesday - Band students will have classes beginning at 1PM after lunch.

Thursday - Happy Thanksgiving, No School.

Friday - No School! Thanksgiving Break

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  • RUMMAGE SALE, November 18th. Rent a table. See Mrs. Noel. Come and shop.
  • Early Childhood thanksgiving program 9AM, Tuesday November 21
  • Early Release and All School Chapel, Wednesday, November 22
  • HAPPY THANKSGIVING, Thursday, November 23
  • North Miami Tree Lighting Ceremony, November 29
  • 3rd - 8th grade Christmas Program, Tuesday December 12th
  • PK-2nd grade Christmas Program, Tuesday, December 19th
  • Early Release, All-School Chapel and awards Thursday, December 21


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